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Nice place to relax in a natural hot-spring-fed soaking tub. Campground (hot tub included) 10 $ per person. Day use of hot tub 7 $ per person. composting toilets, picnic tables and fire ring provided


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Spent 2 nights here and really enjoyed it. The owners Carla and Allen are very nice, hard-working folks. Camp sites are very basic with fire pits. Small campground with 12 spots and was full last couple of weeks. There are 3 hot spring pools in the middle of the campground with temperatures that vary between about 102 and 105 degrees F. Also hot water directly from the spring that is about 140 degrees. Really lovely, quiet place and pools are open always. Would definitely recommend! If you can’t get in come in for a soak in the day.

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Ok camping.. Ok hot springs… a little trashy looking so I’m surprised of all the positive ratings.. the price they charge is appropriate considering all the free BLM campgrounds surrounding them…

I was here in spring, dead trees surrounded us, and we weren’t directly beside the water… we much preferred our other camp site which was free with a gorgeous cliff sight and evergreens. The male host was very kind to my BF… I didn’t talk to him, I read a previous review made in 2018 calling him “creepy and sleazy” so I avoided him, not sure if it was justified or not but I do take heed of other people’s experiences.

The highlight was going by their ranch which had countless baby goats!!😍

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amazing! must see. words cannot describe the magic here.

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Wonderful place! Just on the river and you have access to 3 hot springs! Very nice camping!!

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Definitely go there! Great place to re-charge after a few hikes in the monument. We only spend our last night here and stayed the other nights at free places in the area. No generators allowed in the cg (nice). No music or alcohol or joints at the hot tubs (also nice). And our host looked like she was able and ready to enforce her rules (great). Bonus for campers: you can use the pools all night (clothes optional) as opposed to 2 hours only as day user (clothed).
Only 10 spots available, so either wait it out on NF sites (like we did) or reserve ahead of time - and don't be a dick about it. These are really nice people!

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Amazing place. thank you Alan and Carla for this hidden gem! well worth the long drive up the hills. 3 pools to soak all day and night. 10$/person per night

we got a place without reservation even when the website says they are full. they will always make space for you, and if not there are a lot of free BLM options around

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Great camping spots on the river, trees and bushes create some privacy, nice pools to soak in. Overall great spot!

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Great spot. No cell reception but springs are life changing!

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-The drive is not worth Carla Campbell's lack of integrity.
-After receiving the following email below, I replied that I would be there the next afternoon.
"I have camp sites available for a Feb 9th arrival, checking out the next day. Yes, the cost is $10 per person/ per night, use of the hot springs included. Carla." This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Gila Hot Springs Campground (
-On my arrival I introduced myself and was greeted with " We don't have any space for you." I reminded her of the email she just sent me and she stated that " She did not think I was serious about my reservation."
*****Who runs a business like this?******
-She then tried to suggest that I go down the road to another campground that did not have hot springs? Was this some sort of bait and switch???

From Merriam Webster;
Definition of dishonest

1 obsolete : shameful, unchaste
2 : characterized by lack of truth, honesty, or trustworthiness : unfair, deceptive.

The silver lining;
-If your coming to this part of New Mexico you are going to visit the Gila Cliff NP just down the road.
-There is no charge to enter this National Park!
-In addition, Both of the Scorpion Camp Grounds in the NP are FREE! No reservation, no dealing with the Campbell's.
*****Now for the best part;
-Free uncrowded hot springs 1/2 mile from the NP visitor center!
( See the separate listing on iOverlander. )

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as advertised! beautifully maintained campground right on the river. one step up from primitive. hot springs are clean beautiful at about 104 degrees. proprietors are friendly and do a great job keeping the place neat and tidy. 5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Am torn checking in here as I want to keep this all to myself, but I see the cat is already way out of the bag!

Superb forest setting, aspen and cottonwood provide shade, and the hot springs themselves are works of art. Lovingly crafted out of natural materials and partly shaded so one can enjoy as one likes depending... and the water is kept at a comfortably hot 100-104

Allan and Carla Campbell have been in the area all their lives, “Doc” Campbell (Allan’s pa) being greatly responsible for the designation of the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Truly, these folks are living history. Just ask them and you’ll get regaled with a tale (or two if you ask Allan). If you enjoy reading, Doc Campbell’s Post has a terrific library of books to do with both the natural and cultural history of the area, free to peruse, as well as a very good selection of books for sale. The Post is walking distance from the campground (.6 mile). (Walking up “helps” off-set a scoop of their famous homemade ice cream, prickly pear being my favorite flavor!)

A solo woman traveler, It is very safe and comfortable here. Carla is the rise and shine and Allan tucks us all in, securing the gate after dark. Nothing gets past them.

I love the peace and quiet this sanctuary offers. TIP: The 39 mile drive up on 15 is grueling, so go through Mimbres, and reserve online to avoid disappointment!. :oD

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Warning, if you have ANY break issues, don’t go. The 30 miles of road to get in is all up and down. The last 10 miles is almost all down and very steep. I was using low gear and my sprinter breaks were still smoking. I had to stop 2 times to let them cool. Park itself is great. You can bath nude after dark. Nice and hot.

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Great campground. $8pp for camp spot and hot springs access . The $5 to soak during the day has been canceled currently for the virus. Call ahead to make a reservation if you are coming later in the day. We arrived at 4 the day before and they only had one night available at one spot for the next 3 days.

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Quaint campground, lovely hot springs with 3 pools. Bathrooms but no showers. Potable water. Possibly could fill a tank with a long hose, but we didn’t try. $8/pp camp or $5/pp to soak.

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This place is magical. We stayed 2 nights and soaked in the hot springs every sunrise and sunset. It’s quiet and well- kept. No hook-ups but there is potable hot and cold water to fill your jugs, pit toilets and fire rings. It’s $8/person/night to camp and $6/person to use the springs. The owners, Allan & Carla, are incredibly friendly, caring and gracious. Their family has been on the land since the 40s so they have lots of stories to share.

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Great hot springs and campground! It is now $8 a night for a campsite and access to the hot springs. no electricity, cell service, or Wi-Fi but a half a mile down the road at Campbell's Post is free Wi-Fi that's on 24 hours a day. Located by the Continental Divide Trail and Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, which is definitely worth checking out!

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Beautiful sites on the Gila river with shade, fire pits and tables at the base of a rocky/pinnacle mountain range. 3 hot spring pools. $8 pp per night. We stayed 3 nights mid week, and basically had the place to ourselves (except for the creepy and sleazy host who kept coming around). we left on a Friday (lsbor day wknd) and things got extremely crowded. Great general store up the road with wifi.

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 33.19603, -108.20475

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still $6/person. Owner says place is getting very popular and full most weekends. Reservations recommended. wifi available at local country store just down the road.

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Wonderful relaxing place to stay far from the maddening crowd. Mostly tent campers so you won't find big rigs here/ Each campsite faces the Gila River and there are 3 hot spring pools facing the river as well. Owners very accommodating. Potable water and toilets. Near Gila Cliff Dwellings.

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Nice place to relax in a hot tub. Campground (hot tub included) 6 $ per person. Day use of hot tub 5 $ per person.

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