Salt Valley Road/ BLM 145 | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: 38.82177, -109.71870
Altitude: 1490.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Unknown
Wifi: Unknown
Kitchen: Unknown
Restaurant: Unknown
Showers: Unknown
Water: Unknown
Toilets: Unknown
Big Rig Friendly: Unknown
Tent Friendly: Unknown
Pet Friendly: Unknown

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Overnight place near to Arches NP. There are dozens of possibilities on this road. Ranger says anywhere in BLM that you can find a safe pull off is OK to stay at. After dark, no traffic at all. Just be sure to bring water and leave no trace. And enjoy the stars. :)


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really nice campsite off of BLM 145. would probably be fine with 2wd but need high ground clearance to get through the tumbleweeds clogging the road. needed max ride height on my air suspension and it was still a little dicey. probably not like that all of the time.

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Beautiful spot, quiet, easy walks to explore in any direction. Fun drive into Arches from here!

Looked like we had 2 bars of Verizon with a booster but had to walk down the road 200m for actual phone connectivity / download / send messages. The next camping spot over towards Arches and had LTE w/ 3-4 bars.

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As soon as you exit the north entrance of the park (you’ll know because of the sign and barbed wire fencing around the property. See photo.) you can go straight and find a farther spot orrrr enjoy the Arches views still by pulling left or right immediately after the fencing. We went left to find cover from the wind. Need higher clearance farther you go down the road and likely need 4WD. as others have mentioned do not try when ground is wet. Excellent place to backcountry camp. Plenty of space to see the stars, stunning view of the sunset, have more privacy (and no fees) vs a campground in the park. The ranger told us that as soon as we leave Arches and are on BLM land we are good to find a safe place to pull off. You can stay closer to the park fencing we would be able to stay anywhere. Salt road is the name but maps might show you a numbered BLM road instead. That’s fine so long as you’re out of the park. The arches campground has water and restrooms so grab it before you leave the park.

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nice cannyon camping
cell service Verizon 3 bars
lots of cool rocks to climb

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Great spot close to Arches. Stayed on 9/10 and 9/12 without issues. The road in is pretty washboard, but just take it slow. The side road back to the pin is a bit more spicy and high clearance is needed. Legit in the middle of no where so no amenities. Surprisingly good cell service on ATT.

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You can camp anywhere on this road and it connects to Arches Scenic Dr if you dare drive all the way through! We are in a 4WD truck and it’s a bit sandy, but it’s accessible for most raised 2WD cars when it’s dry for at least the first 4 miles. Plenty of camping. It’s makes me wonder why anyone pays for camping out here! No amenities but just be a dirtbag and rough it for a few nights. The scenery is gorgeous.

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Spent night and it was a great little place.

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beautifull spot in wilderness. the spot on the location is great and ok for 2/3 vehicules. If you have a 4wheel drive you can follow the rocky trail to the top : many beautifull spot and departure for mountain bike tracks. There is also an abandoned mine (look for a concrete square ). There is also a few canyon to explore. Thanks for have sharing this place! (where you can direct acces To Arches NP)

the only thing, is that it's almost soft sand tracks. it can be a problem with rain. better to have 4wheel drive.

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small space right outside the park area, enough for 3 or 4 small cars. no noise and low light pollution

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In general, this road is part of a large network of backroads on this side of the highway. I am sure if you look long enough and go far enough back, you can find a beautiful spot to camp even on a very busy weekend.

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awesome road. we enter for the north and stay 3.5 miles before this point. incredible views and quiet

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Beautiful almost full moon. No one out here. Glad I had a Subaru as the road is rather rough.

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Overnight place near to Arches NP. There are several possibilities on that Road. Fire pits there.

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