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5 months ago
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Dump station, Water Faucet (with hose) behind the building right from the Air hose


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Winter status
water shut off for the season.
sani dump seems to be open but there wasnt much snow yet

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well indicated. straight forward spot, lots of turnaround space

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Bien indiqué avec panneau, juste à droite de l'entrée.

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Big space right on the side of the road. Just West of gas station itself.

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Look to the far right of the parking lot as you enter from the highway. The dump point is beside a pair of blue recycling bins and a lime green GFL mini-dumpster.
The gas station attendant wasn't sure if the water supply at the dump was potable but there is a separate tap about 10m forward that is.

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Next door to Co-op station there is free dump and potable water!

go to Co-op you’ll see signs pointing!

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it's water. it's free. can attach you hose.

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Ils ont aussi une dump station complètement à droite du stationnement.

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free dump station and potable water at co-op.

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Water Faucet (with hose) behind the building right from the Air hose

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