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8 months ago
1140.0 masl
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Campground is between young pine trees blocking the wind from the lake. The internet is working in a special wifi zone, very nest to the camper places. The dish station has hot water and the showers were amazingly hot! Large rigs will fit without trouble. Be careful! Wild dogs steal your food at any time, even if it is inside a bag or a tent.

high season price
800 per person and 400 RV


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If you travel with a camper-van or a motorhome this is NOT your place. You have to stay beside the street far away from the lake. We moved on to Va.Pehuenia. Much better choise in our opinion.

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Very bad! they have continuous problems with Wild dogs that destroy bags and tents (It happened to me!) in search for food. I have read on Google the opinions of many other people with the same experience. The administrator didn't take any responsability (he says it happened all over the Patagonia). They didn't warned me to take measures like leaving the food bag on a tree.
Besides that, they charged 800 pesos per person, It must be the most expensive around.

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Still season but not crowded anymore.
400 pp and 200 for campercar.
wifi working in wifi area.
Camper area is a bit close to the road, but shadow and sun, protected against the wind. electricity and water at the place.
We borouhgt an argentia adapter for chilian electricity plug at the recrption.

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Good camping. Very crowded now in high season. Weak Wi-Fi at reception. 450ap pP!!

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250pp and 300 for RV ....INSANE
better the camping next of this.

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We decided not to stay here but did get updated prices. Services were already explained in other check ins.

high season price
180per person
no extra charge for car or tent.

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Have to add, it‘s the most expensive campground we had. Paid 840pesos for 2 adults and 2 children. Absolutely not worth.

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Very crowded place. Owner very unfriendly. Campervan have to stay in a separate place, big distance to lake.

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The best spot in the lake that we found. Very familiar place. The prices dont varry much from camping to camping. They made a discount for us and charged $100pp. Hot water wasnt available all the time (probably because it was a busy summer weekend). Besides that, we really enjoyed the stay!

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Closed late April for us, cabañas only.

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Beautiful and well kept campground at Lago Aluminé. Some sites are waterfront, but more windy and cooler. Great hot showers, very clean bathrooms. Sinks with hot water to wash dishes and clothes. Wifi was weak and slow. We paid 60 pesos per person.

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A full service campground right on the lake. It was empty here during the week. They have a great beach, super hot showers, BBQ areas, electricity at sites and slow wifi. Really nice!

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Campground is between young pine trees blocking the wind from the lake. The internet was not working when we camped here, although the signal did reach all of the sites. The dish station has hot water and the showers were amazingly hot! Large rigs will fit without trouble.

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