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*Overnight parking/camping is not permitted at this location.
Free overnight parking. No overnights parking signs posted but not strictly enforced. Showers and wifi available inside gym with membership


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Great 24 hour planet fitness, there are signs that say no sleeping overnight but I slept here no problem. There were a couple others that did the same.

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No Problems overnight here with a RV sprinter. we have a PR membership so we got a workout, shower, and water bottles filled. around 6am it started getting noisy with the neighboring businesses starting their day.

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Stayed here a couple nights a week for about 2 weeks only for sleeping and while working out in planet fitness (9pm-7am ) no problems even though there is a sign that says no overnight parking or camping UNTIL yesterday around 3pm a property manager banged on our door very hard as soon as we pulled in and told us we can’t camp there (which we weren’t) my partner and I work out every day in planet fitness for about 2 hours (then a shower/ change) so like 3 hours a day in the parking lot and the property manager said to us “you people think you can pay a $10 gym membership and stay in the parking lot for hours and hours and hours- so disrespectful” which I said “we will do our workout and leave after -we’ll be out by 6” which he then said “SIX O’CLOCK no one is in the gym for 3 hours!” … which like ..indeed there are many people that are in the gym for 3 hours … very interesting - but we won’t be sleeping there any more. Honestly, think his job is over at 5 so just don’t come before then lol. (He also went on to take pictures of the license plates of small cars that were in the parking lot with window covers on and any other vehicle that looked like a camping person) go to the nearby Walmart to sleep .. it’s pretty much a full on RV park

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You can definitely sleep overnight here! I’ve been here for a few weeks now (stealth converted SUV ) and haven’t had any issues! I would stay far far away from the Walmart. Yes they allow overnight parking but it’s full of SKETCHY SKETCHY ppl and drugs. I recommend this parking lot, it’s peaceful and safe!

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Seemed like no one cared. Maybe another van camper?...Not sure. However, I just came over to the Walmart/Home Depot parking lot and there are several campers, including a ginormous class a and a few class c campers that don't look like they move much. I'd go to this Walmart over the Planet Fitness in the future.

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I've slept here many times. it says no overnight parking but they never check. if course, be respectful! you can get wifi in some of the parking close to the gym but I never sleep in those spots. there are often other vans or car campers here.

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Signs that say no overnight parking or sleeping on site. There were two vans there set up for the night but I didn’t want to risk a knock so I left

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Huge paved parking lot that is underused in a large business park. Lots level options, trees around perimeter for shade, quiet at night. This is not the usual Planet Fitness Urban shopping center location, but a business park that's only used during the day.

Oh, if anyone who visits this location after my post, let us know what you think of the gigantic cement balls everywhere!

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Several vans parked here, not even trying to be “stealth”. Huge lot, obviously park away from the entrance.

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Free overnight parking. Showers and wifi available inside gym with membership

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