Hampton Public Works Department | Sanitation Dump Station

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$10 fee to dump tanks if you’re from out of state. Back up and dump pit. Open everyday except Tuesday. 8-3. Weekends are 8am-10am


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Easy place to dump a truck camper. No hose required

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Open on saturday didnt have any fees nice place easy acces non potable water tho

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The place closes at 10:30 on weekends. No possibility to dump after that time.

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Running water in the winter to rinse out your tanks. Best place so far for dumping tanks in the winter.

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$10 to dump if you are from out of state. They only take check or card, no cash. You have to backup towards the dump station & it’s an open grate kind. It’s kind of gross and a pain but it did the trick.

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$12 fee to dump tanks. Back up and dump pit. Open everyday except Tuesday.

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