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Closed. Signage in place. You will be stickered, towed, asked to leave.


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Got the knock. The guy said that they were going to ticket and tow.

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This lot is closed. You will be stickered, and then towed. Enforcement is now in full effect. There are signs in place that have been ignored and campers have been leaving trash etc for management to deal with. Also the amount of campers ignoring signage have impeded snow removal. This lot is no longer available.

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We stayed here once in Feb and then again last night. Great spot to stay but we were yelled at by someone going around the lot at 6:30 announcing over and over “No overnight in this lot”. We saw another van with a violation on their windshield too, perhaps from another place as no one else had one?!

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A couple of other vans here. I was in an SUV. Around 6am, someone went around knocking and saying no overnight camping. Guess you can get lucky here given the comments before but maybe the Walmart parking lot is more reliable.

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Had no problems overnight, although we woke up around 5 when we heard a cat come up to plow the snow; we left so as to not get in his way. There are 'no overnight parking' signs in front of the whole foods but not the brewery, so we parked closer to there. There were several vans in the lot with us, and when we drove to the Walmart it looked like there were a ton that stayed overnight there too

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Called this parking lot home for almost 2 weeks in our van. Obviously not ideal to stay in one spot for so long but there aren’t many options in the area especially during winter. There are signs that say no overnight parking but we were never alone camping here and no one ever bothered us. There were always other vans, busses, RVs and/or cars that also stayed the night.
The Walmart down the street is the same- there are signs that say no overnight parking/no camping but people do it unbothered anyways.

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Stayed here two separate nights. Great spot, usually a handful of vans/busses. Whole foods is a plus too. Mostly quiet off the main road

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8/10 would stay again. Bigger lot with plenty of snack spots around. Gets full fast, so might have to wait it out.

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Awesome place, unique space! Enjoyed a beer, couches, restroom, fireplaces, etc. Kids allowed. Closed at 10pm. Has a separate takeaway food restaurant within. Separate breakfast/coffee shop within opens at 8am. Slept in lot right in front (2nd row from door) without issue all night. there were two other vans and an RV. They played some music that was faintly heard. Wifi reception in the van was good enough to stream video.

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Great spot to stay, fairly quiet. Really good brewery by night and amazing coffee spot in the morning. Close to Walmart, Whole Foods, and gas stations. Off rt 70. Lots of other vans. Wouldn’t try a full size rig here, but this whole area seems way more welcoming than Breckenridge

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We had drinks at the brewery last night and during a casual discussion with the owner we found out that their parking lot and all others that aren’t directly in front of Whole Foods are pretty OK to camp in. Several vans around us last night and at least three stayed all night and had coffee at the little shop the next morning. 5G Verizon, the coffee shop opens at 7 am for a restroom and the brewery closes at 10pm.

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