Chorros de la Calera | Tourist Attraction

El Salvador



9 months ago
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MODERATOR NOTE: Place removed because camping is illegal here. Private Property


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It is a private property and there is no more tourist access. Don't go down there. The road is impassable without 4x4 and you will have nothing at the end.

C'est une propriété privé et il n'y a plus d'accès touristique. N'y descendez surtout pas. La route est impraticable sans 4x4 et vous n'aurez rien au bout.

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Not public anymore, BUT we were able to go anyway as part of the 7 waterfalls tour, because our guide knew of a sneaky back entrance. Had it to ourselves for a nice cold swim on a Friday morning. The other waterfalls are much more worthwhile to see and explore though.

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Now private, only open on weekends according to locals

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Beautiful waterfalls. But: full of trash...
We went quite early (07h00) and until 07h30 there was not one soul. That changed afterwards- locals come in masses.

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There are 2 parking lots on the way here, one in the village 1km from waterfall, one just before the steep section, each for $2. You can also park at the gate for $2. You can get escorted by local guy for $5pp (not sure what his deal was, he said we can go alone too), there was police at the first waterfall escorting people further down for $15 per group 6:00-15:00. We could stay in the first waterfall/pool alone until 16:00 when the police leaves and gate closes.

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We wanted to see the warerfalls and left our car at the last parqueo. Just after we crossed the gate to cascada a guy with machet turned up and threatened us to get money. He was agressive and seemed desperate but finally he let us go even though we didnt give him anything. Later we talked to the police in the town and it might be a good idea to check it with them before going to the waterfalls. Dont take anything valuable with you and It's better to leave your car at a safe place.

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Nice little park with waterfalls and small pools to cool off in. It's a 1.3 km dirt road in. There is a parking lot on the left when you drive in (2 US parking fee). Don't get intimidated by the 4x4 sign. You can drive the roads with a normal vehicle. It probably can get nasty if it's muddy. When you Are at the end of the road just park on the xside. When we got there there was a guy wanting 2 us to park but we said we don't pay as it's just a road and no parking lot. He gave up but when we walked in we gave him a dollar for helping park us so he's happy and doesn't break into our car or anything. Don't come in with anything bigger as there is barely enough room to turn a minivan around at the end of the road.

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