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Behind the big Boulder for wind blocking and just up from the creek that runs parallel to the road is a fire pit against the Boulder and a cool morning view with sunsets too


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There is now a no camping sign at this spot.

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awesome place to spend the night, the only level spot was taken by a very large RV and it's towed vehicle so it made it in here so whatever you're driving can.. probably.
he might have a few new scratches somewhere underneath but it still looks drivable, I'll attach a picture.
good place for jumping off to explore Death Valley and the nearby Japanese-American camp concentration camp at Manzanar. beautiful scenery, beer should look up the Alabama hills because there's a lot to see in this area and from what I understand a lot of stone arches that I have not yet begun to explore.

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Really loved this spot. There’s a lot of “no camping” signs along this road, which is so sad for people who actually respect nature. But this was a really good spot and no “no camping” signs for this pull off.

There was a bit of a rocky incline for a quick bit, but not too bad. I have a 2WD 20 foot skoolie and was able to do it just fine.

Please make sure to clean up after yourself and leave no trace.

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The previous commenter was not lying. The spot is perfect and the creek below looks inaccessible until you find your way down just by the big rocks, then it's paradise, especially in the desert heat. I'll include a photo here. As for the camping areas, there are two large spots, one behind the rocks and one out in the open. I should now that all other dirt roads off this main road had "no camping" signs except for this one. Cell phone coverage right behind the rocks is zero, but walk 30 feet and I get 2 to 3 bars of Verizon.

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not quite flat but not too bad. a bit of trash nearby. the road to get there was a little bumpy but not an issue with the promaster

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Great spot! Follow a small path off the main road. It’s a bit bumpy but we managed with a RAM Promaster without any issues. The parking spot is about 30 meters from the creek. The creek cut deep into the ground is a good bit lower. It was very quiet.

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This place is one of my favorite spots I’ve found on iOverlander. It has everything. It’s free (BLM), offers great solitude while still being easy to get to, has unobstructed mountain views, two nice open camp areas (not super level but fixable), and most importantly, an awesome water feature. I don’t understand why more people aren’t excited by the creek at this site. The vegetation looks almost impenetrable from above (the creek bed is cut well into the desert floor, so even the trees are below the level of the campsite), so perhaps people aren’t finding the way down. But there is one small path that leads down to an incredibly picturesque little desert oasis. Clear, cold, quickly flowing creek (even in late summer) with soft sandy banks and bottom, rocks around for tables and stools, and a nice big tree (for desert standards anyway) that reaches out and over the whole area from the opposite bank, creating a lovely canopy and a perfect place for a couple hammocks. Lots of shade and room to spread out, with temperatures a good 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Perfect place to escape the summer heat.

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Great spot. Had it all to myself. There is a creek nearby that you can walk down to and enjoy. I picked up a couple of pieces of trash, but otherwise it was a clean area. The surrounding landscape is amazing. If you follow Whitney Portal Road, you can take it all the way up to Mt. Whitney. Enjoy!

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mostly level parking spot for vans. not sure a TT could turn around here.

road in is bumpy but does not require 4WD.

protection from north winds and beautiful view of Mt Whitney!

Verizon has 2-3 bars.

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Behind the big Boulder for wind blocking and just up from the creek that runs parallel to the road is a fire pit against the Boulder and a cool morning view with sunsets too

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