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We are a local Visitor center and do not allow overnight parking. We are open for area and regional information Mon- Friday October - May and 7 days a week June - September 9 am to 5 pm. Please visit for information.


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This is a visitor center and unfortunately, we do not allow overnight parking. We do not have any facilities. We are open until 5 pm 7 days a week in the summer and have great area and regional information. Please stop in 9am to 5 pm. We are open Mon-Friday October - May.

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this is not an overnight parking option. Please know that the Chamber does not allow overnight parking at this location.

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We stayed here for two nights and drove back and forth to Crested Butte to ski. Sleeping in your vehicle in Crested Butte is not allowed so this was a great alternative.

We pulled up around 10 pm on Friday night and the sign for the lot says employee parking only. So we parked on the street behind a vehicle pulling a trailer. There’s a bus stop and so you need to make sure you don’t block that.

Last night the car/trailer was there as well and a skloolie when we pulled in just before 11 am. That likely is the max number of vehicles.

We left at 7 am both days and didn’t have any issues. Please be respectful that this is in a neighborhood. Arriving late and leaving early is definitely best to keep this spot going.

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Great in-town spot. I parked here in February because local back-country spots were closed in winter. Lot is small in size but quiet. One other van here the night I camped and still enough room for at least two other vans. Great spot for sprinter size or the like. I would not park here with anything much bigger.

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Parking allowed for 24 hours. Spots seem big rig friendly but there's only a few spots available. Plenty of room during the week in early November. Dump station ($10) and potable water onsite. Generally quiet with good cellphone service (AT&T, Visible and Mint).

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