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MODERATOR NOTE: as per city ordinance camping is prohibited, fines will be enforced


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This is apparently not a legal place to park. NOT VAN FRIENDLY. Parked along Baseline Rd and police showed up and threatened to ticket us. Made us move as they said it was illegal to camp overnight here. DO NOT PARK ALONG BASELINE RD or you are risking a $200 ticket!

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Parked along Baseline Rd. There were a few other vehicles parked overnight with me. Cars were passing by until pretty late, so if you don’t have a fan or some other white noise, it might be a bit loud if you try to get to sleep early. Or maybe park further down the road where there’s slightly less traffic. I did hike one of the popular trails in the morning - so worth it! I understand why it’s so popular! Also, lots of climbers go up to the Flatirons so you might see people carrying crash pads and whatnot.

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Parked overnight on Baseline Rd. in a six window skoolie, wasn't bothered. Definitely some road noise but nothing crazy. Chautauqua Park is a must-see, so it's great to be able to park right next to it!

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Camped in this area for 4 nights in a row with no issues. I stayed within the residential area and picked a different spot every night (being sure to avoid permit zones). There hasn’t been many other rigs parked on Baseline, so I’ve preferred the neighborhood where it’s quieter and easier to blend in.

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It seemed like a pretty public area public but after climbing the flatirons and seeing three campervans camped out I decided to stay.

I was told to move along at 3am by the police. Apparently the police came through in the evening to move everyone along but they missed me because I was in a car.

They did however say they tolerate people overnighting it on the street outside of the park.

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2 other vans and I were parked in the lower southeast side when I went to bed. Got a knock on the door at 3:40am telling us we couldn’t sleep in the park, but to go to the road right next door, baseline road, and sleep there. The other 2 vans were already on baseline, so not sure if they knew to move before they went to sleep or if they got knocked on too.

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Great park to stay the night. It was quiet at night and slept well. I think there were only two of us that spent the night but in the morning the parking filled up quick.
We pulled in after sunset and there were several spots to choose from but our spot sloped a fair bit but we survived.

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We stayed here 3 nights, it works well because there is no parking fees on weekdays - only weekends. I will say it’s busy during the day, but not an issue for us. Just try to secure a spot at night and hold it! Good open area for solar power with great views and great hiking trails! We didn’t need them but I did see some water fountains. Ground was leveled towards the south end.

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Nice quiet park with beautiful views and some hikes. I stayed in a 136 wb promaster van, one other campervan in the lot overnight. The lot and pull offs are paved. Bathrooms are nice at the rangers cottage. There are also Porta potty‘s around but I didn’t use them. Lots of trash bins, very clean place. Some picnic tables in the grassy park area. Hikers start rolling in around 6am and it seems this is a very popular spot. I would stay again :)

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Lovely hilly park with adorable kids playground and big hiking area. There is also street parking along Baseline Road. The parking is free except for weekends between memorial and Labor Day. The lot is pretty angled in the hill but I found an even spot at the bottom. There are public bathrooms near the restaurant at the top of the hill. Water fountains to fill water bottles. Gorgeous hiking trails. Verizon service is not great - only one bar.

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