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ADA accesible hot showers with park entry.
$10/day or $30/year for Washington State Parks pass.


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Great showers! Just as described. Right on the left past the campground. Off main road. 2 shower rooms, both private. Nice water at whatever temperature you like, no time limit. We came after 7, so no rangers manning the gate, but we do have the annual pass anyhow

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Still going, excellent warm water and hot air heater. There is a motion detector for the light so just wave your arms if the light goes out. The shower hot/cold controller has a button in the center, push it in for water.. there’s a sign that says push the blue button , but the button on the front shower no longer has a blue sticker

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wow nice hot shower!!.. I got the annual pass for$30 .. hopefully the other state parks also have showers I can use!

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Wonderful place and shower are hot. Very peaceful. However, a Discover Pass does not cover overnight camping. Prices range from $25 to $50 a night depending on the spot you choose to stay in.

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Discreetly showered here for free! Don’t have a Washington pass yet, but still got away with using shower facility! And there’s potable yummy drinking water ALL OVER THE PARK. Just look for the blue spigots!

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Awesome hot and free :) beautiful park as well

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ADA accesible hot showers with park entry.
$10/day or $30/year for Washington State Parks pass.

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