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8 months ago
16.6 masl


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Very safe and away from the road parking. It’s at the end of Nesika road and away from homes so no one should come bother you. Easy access to the beach. Spent the night and woke up to a beautiful view.


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We ended up staying two nights. First night we were alone, second night had a few others camping with us. Met some people who live in the nearby neighborhood and they were friendly. several cars came in went to go to the beach or take pictures. It was fairly hidden from the road if you don't park all the way at the top. I really liked that there was a barrier between us and the higheay. We turned around and parked where we could see the ocean. We also picked up a lot of trash so keep it clean! Beach access down a somewhat steep trail. If you take a walk down the beach to the left, there are some big rocks that our dogs enjoyed. We would stay again!

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Nice and quiet as described. Road sound really not bad, ocean view is quite lovely. Just us and one other Van friend who arrived after dark. No issues with local flavor. Spots are small.

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Gorgeous spot, especially when the sun is shining.

Did not encounter the guy w/ red truck mentioned in previous post. Was just me and one other friendly van traveler here for the night.

I didn’t find the traffic noise too bad - not many cars on the road at night.

2-4 bars AT&T.

Looks to be a little wave at this beach if you surf, though I did not get in. Water is Oregon-cold.

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this place was nice. There were two others parked there, one truck/trailer and a smaller van. there is a path to the beach where a nice gentleman was mining for gold. a bunch of family's and people walked the beach during the day but really quiet at night. it is close to the road but I didn't notice a lot of traffic.

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Was difficult to turn around my 30’ rv here but I did and got it all parked ready for the night. Then a questionable red car came and parked behind me. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but when I walked my dog past them and exchanged a few words… pretty sure they live there. I got the hint there’s some drug abuse(no teeth)… and drugs lead to crime. So uh yeah.
Didn’t feel safe as a solo female traveler so I left.

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Nice spot next to beach, pretty level. Only Had one other person show up behind me.

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Quiet and easy access to the beach. There are homes on this road but it’s pretty isolated away. Saw a sleeping bag in the bushes across the street but no one in it. All in all, it’s a beautiful view and a convenient spot to sleep before making your way up the coast!

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beautiful beach, no one around. traffic noise was a little loud but not too bad

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Good flat parking spaces next to the beach access and off of 101. One other van parked for the night. Did have a run in with the local tweaker (1:30am) who was banging on both vehicles parked here and got aggressive with us when we didn't have any crystal or cigarettes for him. Police came and we didn't see the man anymore. The police did confirm that overnight parking is acceptable at this location, just watch out for the homeless camp in the woods nearby.

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This spot has room for 2-3 vans. Minimal cell reception with Verizon.

The vibration of the passing traffic going 60 miles per hour is disturbing. I stayed four hours and then chose not to move on at 9pm. Likewise with another van who pulled up and left within an hour.

If you’re not bothered by traffic, this is a lovely private beach view.

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great spot, can make level. more ideal for under 30' rigs. great view 3-4 bars Verizon. keep it clean!

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Very safe and away from the road parking. It’s at the end of Nesika road and away from homes so no one should come bother you. Easy access to the beach. Spent the night and woke up to a beautiful view.

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