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9 months ago
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USFS dump station - easy access. Usually empty. $6 Open seasonally. Water hoses are a little weird making it difficult to fill.


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The dump is back behind the Visitors Center quite a ways. Just South of the Visitors Center, take Brian's Way to the East. Keep going further than you think you should, and don't fear the "No Outlet" sign. You will find the dump on the left, look for the dumpsters and the water poles. There are 2 entry/exits and you can use either one. Potable water is marked and is sometimes on the right of the rig rather than the left, so chose wisely before picking the front or back dump if you can (that is, if it isn't busy so you can pick either). Closes sometime in early Oct when it starts to freeze in the area, so call ahead in October or check the website -https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/lassen/recarea/?recid=82994 .

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Dump station open for season. $6. The water hoses are whack so it made it difficult to fill our tanks.

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Closed for season. Looks like nice facilities.

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USFS dump station - easy access. Usually empty. $5

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