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Something not right?


Red water hose on side of gas station building. Go inside and ask permission.


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Water is still here and easy enough to grab some gas, fill up water, and wash the bugs off the windshield from pump 7

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Go inside and ask. Convenient to use red hose already there.

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Great place to fill your tank or containers. Big red hose attached to the building as described below.

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Still great to use! by pump 7. no hose. asked permission and they were kind and said of course

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All good except the big hose is gone. Water is clean and easy to pull up to the spigot.

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Note, water spigot is now on the left side of the gas station building as you’re looking at it, near pump 7. Long sturdy hose and clean water. It is NOT the old fashioned red water pump in the back, nor is it behind the car wash.

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Water was on and we were able to fill up our 60 gallon tank. Faucet by the car wash

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Clean water with good pressure, can't ask for much more

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Came here and the spigot was either stuck or off. NO WATER!!

Went to the Maverick near by and they had water.

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Water spout right by the car wash behind the service station

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