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Costa Rica


4 months ago
55.2 masl


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Open mon-thurs 8-12, 1-4:30, sat they are not open any more. Cost about $10 for a 20lb bottle


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J’ai rechargé mes 2 bouteilles de propane américaines. Une complètement : 20 lbs et l’autre : la moitié. J’ai payé 13 475 colon (20$). Je me suis garé devant la porte et j’ai donné mes 2 bouteilles sans renter à l’intérieur de l’entreprise. Cela a pris 15 minutes et les personnes étaient très sympathiques.

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Attached photo of the sign. Information about being open Saturday is crossed off.

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We arrived at 9:45 on a Saturday and they were closed. Security guards said to come back Monday

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After four unsuccessful tries on propane stations, it was here possible to fill up our US 5l propane bottle - juppiiii!!

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Refill your USA propane bottles. 1 cilinder of 20lbs for c5311 or $9.44! Open from 8-12 & 1pm-4.30 mon-fri and sat 8-11.30am

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The only place that could fill our tank, all the other places had these special hoses that do not fit our what we thought regular tank.

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As described. I paid about $15usd for a 40 lb tank fill

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that was quick! they fill up our 10kg/20lb bottle in five minutes. 3065 colones the bottel (5€). great! nice people.

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open Monday to Friday 8-12 and 1-16.30. Sat. 8.00-11.30.

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Open mon-thurs 8-12, 1-4:30, sat 8-11:30. Cost about $10 for a 20lb bottle

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