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As of Sept 26, 2021, the police have said this part of the park closes at 10pm even though there are no signs. They suggest a Walmart around 3 miles away as an alternative.

Large parking lot at Murray Park by the ball field. Quiet. Full bars on AT&T. Good for a night.


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I just spoke to a couple of police officers and they told me this park (the entire park, even this section by the baseball field) closes nightly from 10p to 7a. I saw signs in other parts of the park but not here. Kind of sad I asked because now I'll have to leave. Lovely park with an aquatics center ($4!). Lots of folks doing photo shoots here. The wifi is super weak and I've only been able to connect once for about 5 minutes. I guess it's stealth mode for me tonight.

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Beautiful park. We parked our van near the fenced in soccer fields. Quiet and nobody bothered us. We were the only overnighter there.

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gps puts you at the north central park of the park near boys and girls club and a base ball field. I arrived after 2300 and there was no other vehicles or people around. game noise from the field was not an issue but there is a medical center about a quarter mile west with a helipad. I heard take off / landings at least 3 times before I fell asleep. pavilions on the south side of the park have outlets and the one I tried had live power. plenty of parking in the shade or sun depending on your solar needs. A library and Costco are very close by. Would be easy to work from this area for a few days.

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We stayed at ken price field next to the baseball field. Super quiet and remote. There was only one other person here last night. They have bathrooms with running water and garbage cans. A great place to stay for the night!

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We got there early-ish (9) and people were still playing pickle ball, at the park, baseball field. so there was noise. DO NOT park next to the baseball field or you will be woken up by the sprinkler. We first thought it was someone hitting our car with some thing and then got out and realized it was the sprinkler. bathrooms close at a certain time because at around 3:30 when the sprinklers came on, my husband decided to go use the bathroom and they were locked. major hospital across the street so we heard a lot of helicopters. if you don't mind noise, then it's a good place. also good for kids since there is a playground.

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Murray park it’s a beautiful park with many sports facilities, as well as water fountains and clean bathrooms. There are several car parks - we chose the one by the baseball field. The parking is flat and apart from the baseball game going I’d otherwise very quiet.
There’s even Wi-if!

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Exceptional location. Has recycling bins and trash. There are walking paths to enjoy and bathrooms. Definitely, recommend a short stay here.

Great location!

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Spent two nights, and all good. Sprinklers run in the middle of the night, so if you park near the grass, you may be awakened by the noise of water hitting your vehicle. Park has wifi and is large and lovely to walk through.

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Stayed here two nights without a problem. nice and quiet at night and great access to a large beautiful park.

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Parking for semis on busy road running along a fenced in field of some kind. Two trucks parked as I was passing through. Near gas stations and Murray park.

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Nice and super quiet place to stay for one night. I scouted out the place and came back when it was dark and empty. Stay low profile so you don't ruin it for to the next person!

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Large parking lot a Murray Park by the ball field. Quiet. Full bars on AT&T. Good for a night.

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