Havasu State Park | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


3 months ago
150.4 masl


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$15 fee at the front office to dump. Has potable water too.


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$15 for dump and water.
Park ranger very friendly

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15$ at the kiosk. 2 dump holes, rinse water potable water.?

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Paid $25 for a night of dry camping, a dump, a fill, and access to clean bathrooms and hot showers. Beautiful place, too. Dog friendly, must be leashed.

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Still $15 to dump. Potable water available at same location. Dump station pass specifically states “Do not dump trash” but the dumpster right there was so tempting.

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on busy days and holidays etc, they only let non-campers use dump between 11:00 and 13:00 hrs. Outside these hours it is for campsite RVs only. The dump station is visible from the main entry kiosk and monitored by the staff from there, so it's not really possible to sneak in to use it at other times.

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nice, clean. park rangers at entrance are friendly. still $15.00 as previously reported 11 months ago.

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potable water and a dump for 15$ bring your own hose

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Still $15 to dump. The gate staff told us this is only for the dump station and does not allow you to stay in the park for the day (which would be another $15 entrance fee). No one is monitoring the dump so I imagine you could pay the $15 park entrance fee and sneak over to the dump, just sayin’ I wish that is what we would have done. Potable water is also available.

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$15 fee at the from office to dump. Has potable water too

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