Faraway Ranch Parking | Water

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4 months ago
1565.0 masl


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Nice place to fill your water. Faucet right next to curb but NO threads to hook your house to.


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water spigot near bathrooms. non threaded but was able to fill 5 gallon containers.

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Water is ON. We managed to fill our small tank using a "Water Bandit".

Note that this location is inside the NP.

Please be considerate as water is scarce in the area.

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The water spigot still has no threads. Good luck getting water. We couldn’t find water anywhere. Finally asked a favor at an RV park down in Tombstone and filled up. Travelers in this area beware and plan your water usage accordingly.

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Water works. Not shut off. Just in front of bathrooms at Faraway Ranch Parking.

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Water spigot is ON but there are no threads to attach a hose. Located in front of vault toilets.

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Water is still off. Also, the spigot doesn’t have hose threads.

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The water is currently off due to a problem with water system

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Nice place to fill your water. Faucet right next to curb.

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