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Good Laundromat.You can do laundry here.


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Great laundromat..$2 washers and $1 dries a big load. Good free internet too.

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Parking not for big rigs. Almost hall of the washers were out of order. Machine for change only accept $1 and $5. Not a lit of room to move around. We're travelling for almost a year now and this one is definitly not on our top 5. Free internet here is on our top 5.

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As previously reported. I will add that there isn’t good parking for large rigs. Only small parking spots.

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Great Laundromat.
$2 for a regular load ($2.50 for a heavily soiled load) and $4.00 for the large load. 25cents for 5 minutes of drying time and $1 got our clothes dry (which has been rare for us). Great Laundromat with free and fast wifi.

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Came here to use their laundromat. Affordable and clean. Kids enjoyed the playground while we waited on our clothes.

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Good Laundromat. id say the best laundrymat. Nobody knows more about laundromats than I do. joke aside you can do laundry here

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