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over 3 years ago
85.4 masl


Yes - Fast
Running Water
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From the entrance road, go left 800 m. It's next to the school separated by a road. $4 USD to tent. Very basic toilet and shower. Secure place to park motorbikes. Average wifi, by the lake, cool showers and running water toilets. Clean. There's restaurant where the most expensive food is about $5 USD and very good and filling. By the lake.
Big rigs might have a difficult time making it down the driveway and there's little space to turn around.


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The gate was locked and we couldn’t find the owner. It look deserted.

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We asked to camp, but they said it was not possible at the moment. I didnt understand the reason due to limited spanish

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Nice spot, cool rescue animals (the capuchin monkey in particular). Food is basic but good and cheap. Facilities fine. A short walk to the lake.

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We checked this out. Unable to get in with truck camper (8ftW 11.3H). Possible to park on street and pay to use services.

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As described. Friendly staff, guard at night and quiet (except hawler monkeys but, who cares? ;) ). The building for the dorm and camping is separated from the ones for private rooms, reception and kitchen (where the wifi is great!), and the parking lot is small, 1 minivan or 2 max. They rescue animals (scarlet macaw, monkeys, ...) and plants, and seems to care a lot! Still 5usd/p

It’s actually really easy to find, follow and signs on the road.

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Camping or vehicle 5 dollars per person. Lake near and kayaks available. Quiet except for monkeys during the night made a little noise. Dinner is very good and there are nice guests at the hostel. Operated by a non-profit working with the community on environmental protection.

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Great place near by the laguna, electricity, showers, drinking water, hamacks, and more for 5USD per person. We were able to fit a converted minibus and another van in the parking.

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Next to the spanish school they have the hostel - there is a few buildings next to each other under the same name but separated by a road. Finding the place might be confusing at first. $4 USD to tent, $8USD for dorm room, etc. Really good food. A gated park for motorbikes as well.

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Very basic toilet and shower. No wifi or electricity. Guard for the night. We couldn't find any place where our 19ft will fit and it was getting dark. Paid 160n for a night ... Emergency stop only

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