White Utility building. Motorbike/bicycle/walkers only | Warning



over 1 year ago
1765.0 masl


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MODERATOR NOTE: WARNING! Thefts reported in this location. Please use caution.


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Just want to let others know I got robbed here at gunpoint by a guy roaming around. Luckily he took only my bike but would recommend to definitely not come here. I told people down the road and they said I could have asked them to camp out. I had such a lovely time in mexico apart from this one night. Every local I asked to camp with said yes, and obviously much better experience than here. Stay safe

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There is a white utility building along the road. Go down the dirt track and then walk along the back side did the building. There you'll find a nice flat area for camping. Road wasn't too busy during the night. The sun did shine on my tent early. Not visible from road.

Not suitable for vehicles with 4 or more wheel. Only reachable on foot or motorcycle and bicycle.

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