Free dump station by gas station | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


about 1 year ago
126.3 masl


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Dump station and water in a gas station parking lot


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Dump as stated. Water faucet off for the winter. Found water at Shell around the corner.

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Free. The attendant didn't even know what I was asking about. Construction has made the entrance a little sketchy. The water was not working.

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water spigot not functioning anymore and spigot on building has no handle to turn. no functioning dump station

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Great find. Water is working at the dump site now.

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Free dump. Water by dump wasn't on when we were there. it there is another spigot on the building right next to the handicapped parking spot.
Clerk came out once and asked what we were doing. When I told her she said, oh, no worries, we are totally fine with that.
No diesel though...

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Dump station and water in a gas station parking lot

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