Willow Springs Road - BLM land | Established Campground

United States


Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 38.69384, -109.67475
Altitude: 1333.3 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Willow Springs Road - BLM land

Free camping with pit toilets and many designated camping spots for big and small RVs or tent. Camping is permitted ONLY in designated spots.

Verizon 1 to 2 bars from just cell phone. No cell service with T-Mobile here.

From the Highway turn into Willow Springs Road, a dirt road, the designated campsites are along the way in both sides.

At the end of the dirt road and the designated camping spots is the begging of the dinosaur tracks trail, no camping allow after that point. Must have 4x4 to get there, DO NOT take the RVs, you will get stuck. The trail is about 15 minutes from the last camp site (follow the signs).


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The sign at the entrance says it’s a state park. There are atv trails that lead into arches, and is seems to be a very popular area. Mix of young adult groups, families, and atv/dirt bike.

Signage says that as of 5/15/2022 there will be a nightly fee of $15. Can be paid through an app.

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Roughly 1/2 mile up Willow Springs when the primary dirt road turns to more of a Jeep trail, there’s a sign “No Camping Beyond This Sign”.
Picked a spot nestled into the rock ridge you will see a line of campers. Expect some level of off road buggies and people. Nice clean dry bathroom hut. Verizon service off just a cell phone 1 to 2 bars. Nothing epic, but free :)

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Free camping heaven! We got here right before sunset and snagged a leveled spot here in our 2020 Promaster. The road is bumpy but no need for high clearance or 4x4. Plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Not much privacy since it’s just open land. Portable toilets around. Great views of the mountains. Close to Arches NP. There are enclosed fire pits you can use and there was a person selling wood near the beginning of the road when you pull off the highway. Weather was favorable! Overall great place to stay at. Got 1 bar LTE for T-mobile.

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We found a site near the end of the more passable unpaved road. There were many other folks in various tents, rvs, vans, and trailers. Once night fell it was quiet and peaceful. Several porta-pottis along the way. We arrived after 5 pm to find most sites full, but found a quite adequate site, about 1.4 mi from the highway.

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Had a peaceful two night stay, at somehow the same spot after leaving for 7 hrs. Everyone seemed to be appreciating the land, and taking advantage of the full 14 day stay period.. Saw DNR roll through one afternoon. Met some excellent other vanlifers.

One bar of 4G Verizon.

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We drove to the end of this road in our 26ft class c and had no problems. however, it was so dang crowded and packed that we turned around and decided to look elsewhere. So many 5th wheels, trailers, skoolies, tents. Just too many people for us. This is a Thursday in mid October.

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Tons of great dispersed spots. Got here at about 7pm just before it got dark, most spots were filled but we were able to snag a pretty private one. Spots for anything from tents to bigger RV’s although I would recommend a 4x4.

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Great and diapered spots for camping for up to 14 days. Boondocking with no shades, and mostly flat spots. Near the trail to go to dinosaur tracks, about 15 minutes from the last camp site (follow the signs), need 4x4 to get there. The Main Street through the camp sites is very busy for all the people going to see the dinosaur tracks and off-roading. One night the Side-by-sides were going up and down until 1 am. Most important, free! :)

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This is a very popular place. 100’s of campers everywhere. You can choose to be close or somewhat far away from others. Just keep driving back. The road goes from a sandy gravel to a rutted dirt at the Dinosaur trail. Just keep heading back and you’ll find lots of sites available. There are portacans and some pit toilets around, but pretty much its the wild west. You could make it back here in a Prius as long as you are careful and slow. We arrived late at night and a flashlight will help you identify if there are campers/tents off to the side. It is very dark out here. Overall, I enjoy staying here for a day or a week. This is my second time.

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we drove down this road.. its a ROUGH road and spots good spots are hard to come by.. some place like the first on teh right are on a rock with slopes.. hard to get on and off.. van or small tear drop etc.

further down the road lots of little spots on side of road but the looked rough and very rocky.

we were next road north and its much better.. I would not camp there period.. 30 ft airstream trailer.

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Oh, one bar AT&T. Not enough for Tik Tok but can do texts no pictures and this app.

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Wow. Hundreds of campers, it’s like the wild west of campgrounds. Road is rough but doable in an overloaded Outback. Show up before dark and you’ll be better off. Unfortunately hard to avoid people with generators.

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This place is crazy popular. Showed up on a Friday and found a spot down by the Dinosaur Track trailhead. From our spot we can see at least 30 other vans/tents/ RV. While there is little privacy it was very quiet at night (besides a few pesky generators). This far back you don’t have cell service, but a couple spots closer to the highway do.

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Great spot. And plenty of room for a lot of vehicles of all sizes. The road is a bit rough but I have been on worse. I went all the way to the back where the camping ends. So peaceful and beautiful...port a potty’s through out. 8-10 miles from the entrance of Arches National Park and minutes from Canyonland National Park...

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sehr viele plätze, einige mit Feuerstelle, toi toi WC. kein 4x4 nötig, auch grosse Wohnwagen

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willow Springs Road - blm land

free camping with pit toiletts and many camping spots for big and small RVs or tent.
No cell service with T-Mobile here.

You can follow the Willow Springs Road from the Highway and drive here or go further east into Arches National Park.
gravel 4x4 Road from here
Make sure you have your permit like annual pass for the National Park and the adventure can begin...

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