Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area | Informal Campsite

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5 months ago
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Parking area overlooking wetlands with mountains on all sides. Very quiet. Wetlands have bird-blinds, believe area is used by hunters and birders. Pit toilet available.


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Gate was locked and bugs were overwhelming. Instead find the road that goes uphill back into Golden Spike and camp near the trailhead to the Last Cut. Great panoramic view for sunset & sunrise, nice gentle breeze and higher elevation keeps the bugs away. Good for a single night if it gets late while you’re still in the park.

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Great spot for an overnight stay. Beautiful scenery and a great spot to catch the sunset. Birds everywhere - great for bird watching. Decent cell signal with Verizon. Plenty of room for big rigs and a very easy road to get here. The only down side is there are a lot of mosquitoes.

Please keep this spot clean and free for everyone to use - thank you

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This was a great spot for a one night stay. It has a beautiful view for sunset if you arrive in time. We were looking for a place to stay before skiing Beaver Mountain and this is about an hour away. It is a dirt road and I think it’d be hard to get down in a snow storm, but last night it worked well for us.

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Stunning marshlands and mountain scenery, although it is now waterfowl hunting season so shots can be heard in the distance pretty much all day. It quiets down at night, then it's just you and the birds! I'm so glad i stayed here, I think it's worth the detour. The road to get here is mostly paved with a very short gravel section at the end. The parking area remains firm and not muddy, despite the recent rain. Suitable for all vehicles.

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Beautiful, private, and peaceful. Incredible place to cook a meal and enjoy the sunset over the mountains and wetland. Very, very buggy. There is a pit toilet but it's swarming with mosquitos and flies. Luckily there was a bit more of a breeze in the morning so we were able to enjoy some time outside without getting eaten alive.

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Beautiful clear cloudless night. Mosquitoes and waterfowl otherwise alone most of the night in the dirt parking lot. However, we were woken at 4am because we had parked in front of a locked gate that 2 Matinence vehicles needed to enter. Moved out of their way and went back to sleep.
Drove past the toilets but wasn’t bold enough to brave the bugs…

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So many mosquitos like so so so many. Haven’t seen this many in my life.

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nice place, quiet, saw nobody else. great waking up to the sound of the birds!

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Absolutely fantastic. Got here a little before sunset and it was so beautiful over the water. There’s a great, flat spot to part shortly after the entrance over looking the water. Sherif stopped by after sunset just to check in. Said it was totally fine to stay one night.

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Nice spot, beautiful view of the lake, watch out for rattlesnakes (found a dead one right by the caution sign so pet owners beware). I was the only one camping here last night but I thought I might have some visitors since it was a Saturday night and there were a few broken bottles strewn around the perimeter of the parking lot. There was a bit of activity last night but it was just wildlife management dropping off some equipment. Some activity this morning with management in the area again but nobody bothered me.

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Open in Late Spring...and Summer. Open when I was there.
They have a built Fire Pit by the observation deck. Great place for parking one or two nights. Kept it down low.
No personal fire pits.
no garbage.
Not a long term place.
Nice for bird watching.

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Gate shut and locked. Guess, they allow camping only during waterfowl hunting season, few weeks in fall (website). I would call them direct before attempting to avoid disappointment.

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Parking area overlooking wetlands with mountains on all sides. Very quiet. Wetlands have bird-blinds, believe area is used by hunters and birders.

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