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Showers are included with daily admission fee of $8


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No individual shower curtains for men 5-10 open shower room. Worth $8.50 to shower with a bunch of naked men over 55? Debatable 😂

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Just called to inquire about showers - the showers are open to the public again. They told me to use the shower you have to pay the daily admission fee of $8 (or $6.50 for city of Golden residents).

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They don’t offer individual showers anymore, you have to get an adult pass first and I believe make a reservation, still cheaper than a truck stop, $8 for non-residents

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They are currently not allowing the use of showers and bathrooms. we went to the TA in Wheat Ridge.

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Great place for a shower. Price still $2.25/person. Clean facilities. The men's and women's shower cubicles have individual curtains over them. Or you can use the family shower rooms (there are about 5) where you can actually lock the door. Recommended!

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Still cheap showers, family rooms have a plug for shaving.
Lovely park and ppl go floating down the river from here

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Shower‘s for 2.25$! Just go in and ask for a shower only!

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