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Free parking. Parking is at the entrance. Day use only: not allowed to camp here because there is an hospedaje. There's a walk called "Sendero de las Orquideas". 12.7km all around the laguna. It's possible to the see the islas better with a boat tour.


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Did this hike with a dog starting from nearby Ukshapungo (iOverlander pin). Ask Manuel where the trail begins. Went clockwise and took 4 hours.

An employee saw our dog and just told us how beautiful he was. Lots of signs at the entrance that they aren’t allowed, but nobody seemed to care once we passed the entrance/exit after hiking clockwise (to maximize time before potentially being kicked out for our dog).

Awesome hike, definitely recommend it. Easy and interesting. Gets hot quickly, start early.

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Very nice hike. It took us 5 hours to do the 12 km in the anti-chlockwise way. There are a lot of wild flowers all the way, it's beautiful. If you have time I highly recommend you! The hike offers many points of view. Access is free!

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Clockwise is probably an easier hike, but we preferred anticlockwise to get most of the ascent out of the way quickly.

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Pasamos una noche en el parqueo justo después de la entrada. Los guarda parques nos dijeron que no había problema ninguno, el parque cierra a las 17h pero ellos se quedan toda la noche allí. El parque está un poco empinado, pero hay una llave de agua cerca, baños.. y el sendero + mirador justo al lado. Hay también un restaurante allí a dentro.

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Just a quick check in to mention it's not pet friendly. But the views are great! And the trail is very popular. Laguna de Mojandra and Fuya Fuya nearby is also nice and pet friendly.

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We asked and were allowed to stay overnight just in front of the entrance. Two bikers put up there tent on the grassy field. No facilities but very quiet and save.

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Excellent hike. Actual distance is closer to 12.7 km. Did it in 2.5 hrs. Disagree with how the comment below this makes it sound like the clockwise end is bad. In fact, if you have a clear day it will be better as you’ll be able to see the mountain with the lake the whole time.

I preferred the counterclockwise suggested direction as you have a steeper uphill and cruiser downhill.

Not sure what the deal with the comment about the islands is. You see them from everyone spot on the hike! If you want to walk on the islands take a boat but you get great views the whole way around.

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The first 4,5 kms (if you start the intended way, counterclockwise) are almost exclusively going up, offering great views. After the second shelter, the hike takes you across a river (lose some altitude, climb some more) and then you go into a forest. After that, the last 4 kms are along the edge of the reserve: you'll see farmland and cows, hear traffic on your right, it's not quite as interesting.

We encountered a few hikers who were dropped off by taxis near the hospedaje, and they walked clockwise. That way, you'll do the less interesting part first, climb more slowly and save the great vistas for last.

The nature is amazing: enormous biodiversity in plants and insects.

We spent 4,5 very enjoyable hours, but started a little late (11:30), which resulted in more clouds filling the caldera.

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This is a free and worthwhile outdoor activity. The visitor center is so nice and the hike around the volcanic crater was absolutely gorgeous. We started the hike at Sendero Ruta Sagrada (right outside the visitor center viewing area) and took it all the way around the crater via Sendero De Las Orquideas. We brought 2 liters of water and 4 small snacks for 2 people. We did it in 4.5 hours (from 8:30am to 1:00pm) going at a comfortable pace and with a lot of stops for pictures or just to enjoy the sights. The first part of the hike is difficult/steep and the rest is moderate in difficulty. We loved it and highly recommend it. FYI, we parked at the visitor center, where the hike starts and where it will also end across the street.

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It is possible to camp next to the park entrence office. Friendly people. You can use the toilets and get water there. Beautiful hike! Can be done in 3hours if your fit.

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free park.
the parking is at the entrance.
day use only : it's not allowed to camp here because there is an hospedaje.
there's a walk called "sendero de las orquideas" : 14km all around the laguna
it's podsible to the see better the islas with a boat tour.

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