Cliff over Lake Victoria | Wild Camping



Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: -1.37610, 31.81603
Altitude: 1212.0 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Large, grassy hills between an abandoned hotel and the bishop's house. Absolut calm. View over the lake from cliffs. Plenty of flat place. 15 min from town center of Bukoba. Access road needs a 4x4 on 300 m. A few children passing by and a motorized couple enjoying sunset.


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One of the nicest wildcamps we had so far on our trip.
Breathtaking scenery.

A few people are around or passing by. Except one of them (asked for food) no one cared about us.

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Thank you to alexpeaudeau!
The place is like description!
You feel like in Ireland!

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Beatiful, quiet place with a panoramic view over the lake. Very spacious and many level areas for parking a RV or vehicle with RTT. Access road a little bit washed out, but nothing serious and nice sandy soil that does not get slippery when wet. We might decide to spend another night here, if possible.

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I personally wouldn’t choose this spot as it is visible from some houses and they are building some big mansions just on the hill, but it is a very nice spot and although there are some trucks loading rocks and they excavate here its a pretty epic view over the lake and it feels safe as others have been here before! Great for a night

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Such a beautiful spot. Great view and chilled vibe.

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Great, calm place! Recently locals started to harvest stones from the cliffs, so parts are turned into a quarry. But there is enough space to choose and the people around are friendly. Got woken up by a distant thunderstorm above the lake instead of a sunrise. Equally beautiful! For kids this could also be nice as you can explore the ruins of Bukoba Palace Hotel. Before coming here from Bukoba you can enjoy a beer at Bunena Stone Beach down at the water shore.

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Nice calm place ..good for wild camping we stayed in the little patch of trees beyond the hotelruin.
Bit difficult to find..but locals know “hoteli” ;-)

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After a Bit of a search. We came with a big rig and it was okay drive. Bit bumpy. We came south and first came to a halt at a instant coffee factory. One has to drive on R127 till there is a sign Bishop seat (something like that) and then continue toward the Lake. The road will eventually end at a mission infront and old hotel complex to your right.

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What a fantastic spot! Thank you. We stayed from 11am until the next morning. Absolutely peaceful and beautiful view with fish eagles flying by. Saw about 3 men at different times but they are involved with the Greek Orthodox Church. Nobody came around our spot. We didn't camp on this exact spot but about 50m closer to the church right on the edge of the cliff where we were less visible. Later in the day we went to go introduce ourselves at the church. There were 4 Greek ladies volunteering and everyone were very friendly. They make lunch everyday for the small village below the hill. At 6pm everybody leaves the church area either to town or the village below. Only the watchman stays behind. Our best wildcamp spot yet. Sunrise was beautiful.

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Amazing spot, great view on Victoria Lake, flat grass area down the 4x4 path but you could stay up the hill if you have a 2x2 car. Quiet night. Few locals around but nobody bothered us. Some people from the Orthodox church a bit further saw us and gave us fresh bread and pieces of pizzas. Great experience, fully recommend this spot!

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large grassy hills between an abandonned hotel and the bishop house. absolut calm. view over the lake. 15min from town center. access road needs a 4x4 on 300m. a few children passing by and a motorized couple enjoying sunset.

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