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10 months ago
8.6 masl


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Very quiet park to sleep and sell your handcrafts. The people here are really friendly. There is an open wifi spot close and several food trucks. 5 pesos for the bathroom.


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We didn't sleep here, but spent the afternoon here and found it very nice. When first entering, the best place to park is along the first strip just before you veer around the first corner. It's a one way road so if you go too far it becomes busier and you'll need to get back on the highway in order to get to the quieter spot. Police seem to roam the area often, we didn't see any rough looking people around. A few food stalls and some joggers. Lots of anteaters that are friendly with humans, and some cool birds to watch!

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Awesome little spot! It’s a parking lot on one end of the park right next to the lagoon, with a parking attendant during the day. So you could park on the windy road through the park for free I guess. It’s meant to be 10pesos per hour, but the attendant was from Santa Cruz (I’m from San Francisco) so we hung out and he gave me a good discount. Would be free if you only stay between 7pm and 7am.

It’s not super quiet, next to a big-ish road. There are a lot of people during the day and even more in the evening. Lots of tasty food options right there on stalls and carts.

Police hang out next to the parking lot all evening, and drive past a LOT on the main road all night - feels super safe and relaxed. Only people that approached were some little street kids asking for money, I gave one a spare shirt.

Spent two nights. Good place to sleep, hang out and leave the camper during the day to go into the center of Villahermosa. Picture of the lagoon at night was taken about 25m from where I was parked :)

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Super chill location in the park near the food trucks. The toilet opens at 9 am and closes 8 pm. Very friendly area it seems. There was a non-potable water faucet sticking up from the ground behind one of the food trucks we used to clean the dishes. Walking distance to Chedraui and other major stores. Can definitely recommend for a night or two.

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Very quiet park to sleep and sell your handcrafts. The people here is really friendly. There is an open wifi spot close and several food truks, also you can pay 5pesos for the bathroom

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