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Fast and easy clearing, Carnet de passage 1st floor room 13 immigration on the same floor, very nice staff READ BELOW FOR INFO ON CROSSING THE BORDER WITHOUT A CARNET...


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Use John to help you and pay him well if possible. Great guide and border assistance +254 11 4442072

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I want to confirm, we got our truck into/out of Kenya on a C32 TIP. No Carnet. Truck registered in South Africa. No issues crossing into Etheopia with eVisa obtained a week prior online (issued in 24hours of application). No road tax required. 30 Day TIP issued for Ethiopia as well (probably could have gotten longer but our visa was only for 30 days).

We had a concern that immigration would not accept eVisa at the border as it states on the Etheopia Immigration Website the eVisa is only accepted at the Airport. We stopped at the Etheopia Embassy in both Malawi and Kenya to confirm. Both said it would be accepted. And it was.

The Moyale border was very relaxed and organized. They have the entrances gated off so you dont get the usual (coming from South 2 North) collection of hustlers looking to sell you insurance, money exchange, SIM Cards, etc....

Contact Person:
Yohanas (Moyale Border Fixer)
251933966377 - WhatsApp/Cell

The customs agent that filled out our TIP was SUPER helpful and very welcoming of us. I forgot his name though.

BE ADVISED: The customs agent explained to us that on the way out of Etheopia, customs will inspect the vehicle for, the engine number, spare car parts, spare tires, and all electronics. If you did not declare these items and have that written on your TIP, you will be asked to produce receipts for them showing tax paid in Ethiopia. If you do not have the receipts and you did not declare the items on entry, YOU WILL BE TAXED FOR THEM AT THE BORDER.

COVID NOTE: Although we had printed coppies of our Kenyan COVID Tests... the Port Health official would not accept them unless we also had an email with the attachment from the lab that did the test (which we did not have). We had to pay 2000 Birr/each ($40) for rapid tests. "

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Free Rapid Test at one stop border post available, no pcr test necessary in both directions (entering ethiopia or kenya)

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All very smooth, immigration on the first floor and Carnet in room 13 on the same floor.

All done in 30 minutes.

Customs close for lunch from 12 till 2.

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Technically open 7 days a week but on Sundays if you arrive with a vehicle to clear through Ethiopian customs they will call someone in to process you (even though this is their only ‘day off’ it seems).

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EVisa works for the land border despite what the website says.

We crossed on a Sunday, there was no issues for passport control, however customs had to be phoned to deal with the Carne.

The official came within 40min and did not charge any "overtime fee" as was expected.

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Nairobi doesn’t extend visas to land borders in Ethiopia (Moyale) and they said to get the E-visa
We’ve got any problem at the border and our passports where stamped without any problem.Didn’t take more than 15 minutes.
They even didn’t verify anything at the computer (didn’t work by the way)
Just wanted a proof of payment and we showed the Aproval mail we received in our phone.

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Wish I could say "fast and easy." I was there for four hours while Immigration claimed the computer system was down.

turns out, it was only down for Mzungus.

I eventually walked over to the poster that listed the anti corruption hotline and told them I was calling to find out the status of the system failure. Immediately, the system was fixed and, without doing anything, the man handed me my already-completed paperwork from his back pocket and begged me not to call.

just be assertive!

I'll attach a photo of the corruption number.

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We just entered at Moyale into Ethiopia. The do accept Evisa. It takes 30 minutes to validate depending on system spread but it was no problem. Just take a print of the visa with. We got 30 days from entry.

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Fast and easy clearing, Carnet de passage 1. floor, passeport 2. floor, very nice staff

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