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GPS: 4.69275, -74.13601
Altitude: 2569.7 masl


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Here you can get another 90 days permission for your vehicle to remain in Colombia but 90 only and only once. In theory you could leave Colombia and return to get another 90 days and use this newer permit (TVIP) to extend giving you 180 days in total. If you leave your vehicle longer than the permitted time you must return with the vehicle to this office where you will be 'sanctioned' i.e. fined, you could then leave Colombia and continue your trip with another 90 days or, as I understood, whatever time you have on your visa. If the vehicle becomes known to the authorities during the time that it is in the country without the owner it will be confiscated on the spot. If you are caught with the vehicle you have five days from thereon to report to the nearest office and pay the fine. After this the vehicle will be taken from you. The fine per month for an overstay is about 60,000 COL. I don't know if there is a maximum 'fine' or if it just ticks on forever. NOTE - if your vehicle is not worth exporting and you want a neat LEGAL way to be rid of it note the following. It's known as voluntarily abandonment. You can start the process here and it takes around a day to sort out. Afterwards the vehicle is taken and you are given proof of this. Remember importing vehicles into Colombia legally is impossible unless it is brand new or over 25 years old.


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We cleared in 2 motorcycles today that flew in via Air Cargo Pack… paperwork took 5 hours!!! Bring a book, food and patience.

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They seem to have forgotten their own process during COVID, and most of the desks aren’t manned…

Get your personal visa extended first.

The front desk gives you an entry card and sends you to the DIAN office on the third floor.

You need to take 2 copies of;
Vehicle registration
Old permit
Application form (https://www.dian.gov.co/atencionciudadano/formulariosinstructivos/Formularios/2016/Formulario_FT_OA_2391_2016.xlsx)

Secure parking outside for all.

Took us three hours till we found the right person, who did the extension in 5 minutes - it’s a bar code sticker on your TIP extension form.

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How to extend! You need before hand. Copies off: visa extension with days given (not just the receipt), SOAT, TIP, driving license both sides, car doc, passport page and stamp page. A letter with email -cell phone in Spanish with all TIP and car information, personal information like all the passport and visa dates ect, a letter stating why you want to extend (going to puntas area or amazon works if too much time left before renewal), you need the form listed on the other post but they didn’t have any so the detailed letter covers for this. Takes a couple of hours. Sign in go to second floor turn left out of elevator. Then go to third floor go straight ahead. Great security guy will point you to an English speaker if he can. He knows what we need but there is reluctance to help as they have limited experience with the tourist TIP as lots of workers and lack of confidence using their English. If your fluent in Spanish it would be better. Even insisting on the doc I needed I still got sent back and forth between two floors!

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My vehicle TVIP was mentioning the passport numero that has been robbed. I went there to know if I had to update the TVIP with my new passport number. I just lost 2 hours waiting as they told me that it wasn't necessary...

On the way down to Ecuador, I've been stopped several times by the police to check our papers. It has never been a problem. At the Ipiales border, they didn't even ask any kind of documentation. They just took the TVIP and told me I was free to go.

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If you come at 8am, there will be a queue to enter building with all the employees. Around 9am the queue is pretty much gone. Only the driver/owner can go up to the office, there is paperwork to complete just to get up to the office for security. There is a cafe on first floor for others to wait.

Go to 2nd floor first, get 2 printouts of form FT-OA-2391 Prórroga de Vehiculos de Turistas. They will also tell you to make your photo copies of passport, including latest entry stamps/visa for Colombia, car registration, driver license, insurance ( EXPIRED INSURANCE CARD OK), and original TIP. Need 1 copy of each, can be made on 1st floor.

Take 2 completed FT-OA-2391 forms, and copies to 3rd floor. They check forms, and place sticker on one of the originals. This is your copy. Then you are "done" . They will email you the new extended TIP that you can print. No need to come back to this office. Just print when it arrives in a couple of days, and take to insurance office to extend your insurance.

They did not come look at the car in the parking lot. We were finished with process here in 1 hour. We arrived around 8:15am.

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They dont do any extensions if you have more then a week left in your TVIP. That what they told us as we are leaving now in july and have the permission to be here with our camper until end of august. They also told us that If you come back to Colombia after your vehicles TVIP is expired then they will fine us 30thousand per month. We will see is this correct info or not when we will return.
The entrance for Dian is behind the building.

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For foreign vehicles including motorcycles. The coords are for the front of the building. You must park in secure parking area on the left. Then the entrance is around the back.

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To extend the them. Permits for Cars

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