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4 months ago
170.0 masl


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Mixed reports: May be military checkpoint, may be a local informal checkpoint asking for bribes.


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Waved on through by smiling military officers, heading east!

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ask us normal question but they did search the van, they have the gopro filming and they take photos of our van. Take 7min

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Had a chat on different surf spots on the coast.. Other than that normal military check point

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Still there. Asked where we are from, where we are coming from and where we are going.
Very friendly, no issues at all.

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This is an official military checkpoint. Professional with a few questions and on we were.

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Waved us through heading south towards Yaxchilán. No problems on this stretch of road from San Cristóbal to Palenque.

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Just waved through, no issues here today. Sidenote - the 40km or so just before this is some of the WORST road we've seen - giant potholes, trees down on the road, and no markings warning of these hazards. Take care!

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No sign of anyone wanting to charge money, just a normal military check point, waved through without stopping.

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There were some local guys blocking the road with logs asking money for "cooperation" between Maravilla and turn off to Flor de Cafe. They wanted 50 pesos and gave us piece of stamped paper. At all the military check points between Palenque and Lagunas Montebello we were waived through. There were also more random and temporary military and police check points on this road, mostly around villages.

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Let us pass without inspection.

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stopped us for an inspection. invited one of us in the camper to assist/watch so we knew there was no funny business. nice guys, sent us on our way.

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Inspected our vehicle, were very polite.

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