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10 months ago
65.0 masl


Yes - Average
Running Water
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We slept here on the Pemex on the Cuota side. It could also be on the other side outside the Cuota. (Separated by a fence for cars) was surprisingly quiet! 24 open. Price: Free


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Really quiet and secure gas station. Guard was nice and helpful but we didn't find the shower.

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Asked attendant and he directed us to a parking spot,, spent a quiet, uneventful night. Free.

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Bom lugar para parar e dormir, a noite tem um pouco de barulho, caminhões entrando e saindo, mas é seguro. Tem um guarda que cuida, ele pede um colaboração. Tem banheiros e ducha limpos.

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we stayed here one night on the cuota side.
secure and quiet

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Nice and quiet. Federales Police is also assuring security. Showers, store, Gas. All is good.

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We stayed one night on the libre side. The police officer only asked for Cola to drink. We gave him a bottle. No problems.

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stayed one night. filled up my tank and tipped 10 pesos for that as usual, but didnt pay for staying. I just asked the gasolinero and he referred me to the police officer that guards the gas statiin during the night. no problem at all. cold showers and toilets with sinks are free and reachable from toll road and libre side. I stayed on the cuota side. there is a small shop thats also includes a small restaurant with TV, where truck drivers hang out.

for a gas station its definetely a good stopover

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Has some flat spots, workers had no problem. Good for a break. Hot and windy.

Solo estaba la policia auxiliar que era buena onda.
En la tienda de la pemex venden bebidas, hielos y hasta tamales.

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Guard said it was fine to sleep here when we asked, then we set up the van and he came back to ask 50 pesos.

DON'T TIP PEOPLE ON FREE SPOTS LIKE HERE. Give them tortillas or whatever you have but NO MONEY. This is a Pemex, they don't charge trucks so they are not supposed to charge you, especially if you just paid 1000 pesos for gaz ;)

Well we paid because they were super friendly and we were all set and very tired of driving. They kindly showed us the shower and toilets (24hrs). The man that was working that day at the station gave us the wifi code of the hotel. He said it was a secret because the hotel doesn't know. From where we were parked (between the cuota and the tienda) we could use the wifi easily. Can't promise if he will give the code again but it's great to ask! Really quiet at night, some mosquitoes, very hot but colder than at the beach for sure.

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We spend the night here, also from the Cuota side. Very quiet and safe in the night. There was a very friendly night guard, he didn't ask for money but we gave him tip.

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Easy place to stop before the long sinuous trek to Oaxaca. Surprisingly quiet. Secure. Guard present all night. Free. Credit card worked fine for fill-up.

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Nothing fancy, but will do the job. As said, surprisingly quiet - only windy during the night.
heads up - their card terminal had problem with cell reception, so we had to pay cash for the fuel.

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Perfect to stay if you are crossing. Free with cold shower and toilet, clean. Night guard, very save. Acces from the 2 roads.

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We slept here on the Pemex on the Cuota side. It could also be on the other side outside the Cuota. (Separated by a fence for cars) was surprisingly quiet! 24 open.

Price: Free

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