Bikepacking route. Do not enter big landslide | Warning



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3106.9 masl


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We came from north and had to do a detour due to no passable landslide

update 2022: Passable if you drive a High Clearance 4x4 vehicle, but you need to discuss with guards of gold mines and this "shortcut" will take longer than just the 3N highway. No landslides


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For clarification because we thought the previous comment was about 944: Yes the 3N will be fine, but the No. 944 is quite the challenge. The conditon is bad, its very steep, high clearance needed, we also needed to go in low gear, 4x4 definetly recommended (we drive a Toyota Land Cruiser). Plus you'll need to go through Private Property of Goldmines 2 times. The Northern one was fine, we had to give our names at the gate and the guard took pictures of the car. The second mine further South almost didn't let us through but after lots of discussion the guard organized an escort to lead us through but it delayed us by another 45 minutes or so. The guard was really nice by the way, he was just doing his job.
But yes, the road is incredibly scenic, but 3N will be faster. And there are no landslides anymore!

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It’s 2022 now and the road is fine. It’s mostly dirt and gravel so we were driving about 20-30km/hr. We drove in the dry season and is easily drivable by virtually any vehicle. Wet season can be a different story…

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Came going N-S. it's possible to pass the landslide, a little sketchy, but not to bad. very rocky road until the 115.

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We came from north and had to do a detour due to no passable landslide

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