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894.6 masl


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Fantastic scenery. Worth the 6kms of rocky track. 2wd no problem. Paid 50 per person to the guy at the end of the road. A must see. Totally secure, don't skip if you're in the area, lots of fire wood, 5 stars!

Cell: We camped on the river bed just after the Guiterritas sign. Occasionally good, usually below average but manageable one or two bars of 3G on Telcel


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Epic camp spot as others have mentioned. The Tucks noted the camp spot is prior to the dot but I am not sure it is; regardless, their flat spot is now fenced and gated so you’ll have to drop more into the riverbed. When we were there the river bed and associated trail through it were packed down and easy to drive. A few 2wd cars drove through as if it was just a road. The trail in the river bed continues another 1km to some more great sites for camping. If you climb, then getting to the end and camping would have you closer to the climbing routes.
For a very unique and spectacular site, check out the Slot Canyon site we posted on iOverlander, which is close to here.
We just camped right on the river bed (see truck camper pic) Quiet other than a couple of cyclists a day and a homer or two - all very friendly.

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Absolutely breathtaking! Very secluded at night. In the morning there might be bikers and runners if it is the weekend. Don't try to go past the river bed. There's loose gravel that you might get stuck in.

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Absolutely awesome spot, well worth going the extra distance to reach this far. Definitely one of the best wildcamps in Mexico. The iOverlander dot isn't in quite the right place - about 100m before this dot, look to your right side of the trail, a raised area above the trail at the base of the cliff (25.614394   - 100.50734). The quality of the trail to get here clearly depends on how much rain there has been recently. For us it was deeply rutted and washed_out in places. 2x4 might get through, but 4x4 would be a major advantage and certainly you need high clearance. There are a few low branches to negotiate, but we just about managed at 3.6m high. Once you reach the spot, be careful about proceeding into the next section of riverbed. It's much harder going. We spent 2 hrs winching a local in a Jeep out of there. No facilities. We paid the guy at the gate a 'propina' 50pesos per person, well worth it.

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One of our favorite places camping in Mexico! Gave the man at the gate, who was incredibly sweet, 90 pesos for two people for one night. He didn’t have a set price he just asked if we could help him out and he was really nice so we gave him the small bills that we had and honestly it was worth every penny! We made it fine in a 2 Wheel Dr. van, as the road is pretty flat it’s just the gravel gets a little thick and some spots but nothing crazy. You can actually continue past this camp spot maybe about another two or three minutes driving in the road ends and there’s a really wide area for camping with a bigger rig if necessary. Highly recommend coming here!!

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Fantastic scenery. Worth the 8kms of rocky track. 2wd no problem. paid 50 per person to the guy at the end of the road. A must see. Totally secure, don't skip if you're in the area, lots of fire wood, 5 stars!

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