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5 months ago
4406.1 masl


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Nice hot springs and pool. Lots of tour groups in the morning and at lunchtime but quiet in the afternoon and evening. pay for the ticket at the central building right opposite the changing rooms.


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Open 27/4, entrance fee 6 BOB per person. There are basic changing rooms and 2 pools with different temperatures.

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freaking amazing hot spring. ridiculously low fee and you get to enter it until 11pm and the next day from 5am. after sunset it becomes a most amazing starviewing experience, all from the comfort of 35-ish degrees water

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6 bol pp, really hot and clean! the water from the pool cycles fast, so it's really clean!

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We arrived here around 16h, and were alone until about 18h. They charged us 6 Bolivians.

Chegamos aqui por volta das 16h, e ficamos sozinhos até umas 18h. Nos cobraram 6 Bolivianos.

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One of the cleaner natural hot springs I’ve been! The pool circulates as it has a small infinity section that drops into the laguna. Compost restrooms are located at the ticket booth on the other side of the road, and changing rooms are located by the thermals. Ticket includes thermals and restroom use (6bol), otherwise it’s 3bol for just the toilet.

The thermals attendant cleaned the changing rooms while we were there and dumped what appeared as just murky water into the laguna - not the thermal pools.

Very tranquil experience from 7-9 am with morning coffee! Tours came around 9:30am just as the wind picked up. People from the hotel enjoyed the thermals late into the night. Stronger winds here than the other places we’ve stayed along the Laguna Route, but the early morning time slot was perfect to relax in these pools with no wind!

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Hate to spoil this for everyone but... peoples peens, lady bits and poop shoots are also entering the pools daily! And they just soak them in there for hours. Whatever is on those toilet tops is the least of your issues!

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avoid this place around noon
all tours stop here for an hour to have lunch
otherwise nice spot

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They ask 6bol per person now. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. Amazing view from the pools.. incredible hot water !

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Great hot spring with nice pool. Looks like they are building new buildings and fixing up the pools. You have to pay for the baños and changing rooms something like 3BOL, but pools are free. Was very cold when we were here with some snow on the ground, but the water was still nice and warm.

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Ok for one Night next to the Hostel, with 3 Big Rigs. Nice Thermal Bath
We enjoy it.

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As people said, it's super crowded in the morning (like 30 4x4 at 7am!) and for the lunch. 10am-11h30am it's a good timing for having a bath with just few people. We didn't paid anything for the hot springs. The guy was asking ticket for the people using the change room....

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The perfect hot spring bath. Normally around 40degrees Celsius. Free. Try to get into the water when it's dark, then you will most likely be able to enjoy the warm bath alone with a crazy clear starry night sky. Super crowded at breakfast and lunchtime. Free wardrobe.

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Hate to spoil this for everyone, but We watched the bathroom attendant clean the plastic pit toilet tops in the hot springs. Needless to say we did not go in.

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