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Can do good coffee tours here. 15,000cop per person. Your starts every hour from 9am to 4pm and lasts 90 minutes. Very popular with tour groups.


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We did the English tour at 9.00...as mentioned at this time not many people. Our guide was funny and we had a good time for 1.5 hours. Can really recommend! Unfortunately we could not "persuade" them ro let us stay on the parking with our Motorhome. ..but Hostal Serrana (mentioned on iOverlander) is perfect and close to this place.

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Took the tour in English with Arles for 20,000clp. Great tour! Nice cup of coffee at the end.

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Go for the early 9am (English) or 10am (Spanish) tour - after these times it gets way busier. There were only a few other people with us at 9am. Also worth going to the cafe afterwards to try the speciality coffee and different types of brew - the staff are super friendly and can explain all !!

From Ocaso you can walk down and along the river, back to the main road - much nicer than walking back uphill to Salento.

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Wunderschöne Kaffeeplantage. wenn man etwas über Kaffee lernen möchte, hier ist der Platz dafür. Kostet 21000COP inklusive Jeeptransfer von Salento.

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The coffee farm is amazing. They offer English tours at 9, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 4, it costs 15.000 Pesos per person and takes around 1,5 hours. You can walk from town in around 1 hour, back we took a Jeep for 3.000 Pesos each, it's a very steep way back to town.
The tour was very good. You have to pick coffee beans and get one cup of coffee at the end. Highly recommended!

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Now 15k pp. 90 minute tour. Good information in English. We didn't ask about camping here but it would be very cool. WiFi on site. You can buy beans direct from the farm for quite reasonable prices (eg. 11,000k for 250grams).

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Awesome coffee tour. Reserve the 3 hour "Premium" tour for 50,000 COP if you want to learn more about coffee and the local production than you could hope for.

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awesome farm and tour in english. also has rooms available.

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We did the tour on a Friday at 9am and were the only ones. Tours start almost every hour and you can walk from La Serrana to there (around 40min). The tour is really nice. They show you the full life cycle from production, harvest, selection, grounding and roasting. The tour costs 10k per person, takes around 90min and ends with a coffee tasting. Only negative thing: they were quite in a rush so we didn't have enough time to take pictures :)

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