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5 months ago
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This is the parking lot for the thermal baths. The actual manatiales are at 3.5 kilometres (2.2 miles - measured with a Garmin GPS) distance from here, and 400 meters (1200 feet) lower, at the level of the river in the canyon. The whole track there is made out of cobblestone, just like the last kilometre to this parking.

The baths are clean, over 30°C but lower than body temperature (my estimate). There are flushing bathrooms, showers, a palapa and four BBQs.

To get into the baths, one could walk down (and up!), but apparently during peak hours there is a taxi service.

Overnight camping in the parking lot is allowed, but there are no facilities. No cell coverage.


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We got here at 16:00 (4pm) to camp and decided to go for a bath. There are contradictory signs concerning the 3.5 km down: one says "emergency vehicles only", the other says "4x4 only, no more than 8 vehicles at the same time". We were alone here and the gate was (left) open. Warnings posted about the road being steep and narrow. There are crosses commemorating fatalities in two places along the track and there still is a (2WD) car wreck in the river.

We walked down and enjoyed a (short) bath because we wanted to get back up to the parking before dark. In retrospect, the road wouldn't have been a problem for our Land Cruiser 100.

After we returned, a Mexican 4x4 with a couple in it drove through the parking lot, and straight down, for a private bath under a full moon. They were just bolder than us...

We spent a quiet night here. Paid MXN 40 entrance per person for the thermal baths.

Edit: took another bath in the morning, but took the Land Cruiser down.

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during the weekends there is a 4x4 taxi service to/from this parking area from the pools, the casseta is manned and in radio contact, the road down is chained off. weekend here are packed, pre covid social distancing stylee🤔

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The concrete pools are on the side of the river at the bottom of the canyon. The water was warm but not hot but the view was beautiful. We parked in the parking lot and walked the 3-km down (and back up) the very steep hill to the pools. There was a locked gate blocking access to the road to the pools and a sign saying "emergency vehicles only." There was no one at the casita at the parking lot but a guy at the pools collecting the 25-pesos/person entry fee. There are bathrooms with flush toilets, changing stalls, and showers. Other than one other tourist, we had the place to ourselves. A nice stop for a few hours.

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Very nice hot sources. various pools. The gate was closed to for the ride down to the far end. The way down is very very steep. We stayed for the night on the last parking. no problem and very quite.

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Hot springs, possible to camp in the parking lot (not directly at the springs). Last few kms are rough. Pit toilets, no showers or facilities.

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