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7 months ago
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This is where the trail starts down to the waterfall. Park a few hundred feet before here. The falls are beautiful. There is a trail to the top, to the second set of pools, and to a "tanque" a man made swimming pool fed by a natural spring. After you hike past a big graffiti wall on your left you can head down the mountain to the left (the waterfall) or to the right (the pool). Take the more travelled paths. People seem to trash the place unfortunately but there are groups who do clean ups. Maybe take out a bit of trash with you. I'd recommend going to the top, the bottom and the tanque.


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Beautiful area!
If you stay on the “main” track, it’ll get you to the pool that’s naturally fed, but made by humans (really nice and refreshing!). Way down here is not too difficult!

We took a couple of trails (to the left) leading to the waterfall. All of them were, just as mentioned before, steep and super slippery. We fell twice haha so I’d definitely recommend hiking shoes, too!
So all in all definitely worth a stop, but getting to the waterfall really isn’t easy, but doable :)

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Very beautiful hike. Very difficult to know where you are going. The top of the falls is at a trail past the graffiti wall (not much to see at this spot). We then backtracked to the main trail and continued down and then there is another trail off after the 3rd switchback. This is the middle falls with a swimming area. Very beautiful spot.

I cannot stress this enough, wear hiking shoes. Extremely steep trail and you are on unpacked dirt so its easy to slip. If you are scared of heights, this may not be the hike for you.

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very difficult to access the 2nd waterfall which has a pool. It is the best. It is on the 3rd path, staying on the left. Good Luck

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There are two consecutive falls here, spots to hike to are the very top, mid section and the bottom and a man made pool (which we didn’t go to) All have their own uniqueness. No one has given great directions in the comments so we’ll be thorough... To get to the top, we took the short cut... not recommend. Super steep and probably a little dangerous at times (aka fun) at the white graffiti wall you’ll see a little trail off the main trail to the left take that, you will reach the top of the first falls, leaving that section instead of going back the same way you’ll take a left step over some rock and follow the trail you wish you took. This trail will lead to the mid section of the falls. All you have to do is take a left when you get to it and start a steep decent down to some beautiful pools to swim in and amazing views a little brainstorming to get all the way down but persist you will get there! leave the same way you came and go left and up till you get back to the graffiti wall... Now going back to the graffiti wall if you only follow the very obvious path it will lead you to the very bottom of the falls, we passed bananas, papaya and mangoes! they are all beautiful hikes and you could easily spend a day doing all of them! We didn’t bother with the man made pool because the natural pools in the mid section satisfied us enough! (Amazing) want more details, pics or videos our name is also our Insta and YouTube :) enjoy

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Stunning! Such s good hike. We hiked to the bottom of the waterfall, the top waterfall with the pools(turn left at graffiti wall) and the tanque. Don’t miss it! Tequilas best kept secret.

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We didnt make it to the falls because the road was undrivable for us in our 2wd and low clearence. The road is also just wife enough for one car so if you attempt it and get stuck you will have to reverse (like us :\ ) Unsure what kind of state the trails are in beacuse we ran out of daylight to walk from where we could park.

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Beautiful waterfall and definitely worth the trek. The terrain is steep, rocky, and can be slippery, so wear good shoes.

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Park just before here. This is where the trail starts. Look up John Pint's trail on wikiloc if you'd like a trail to follow. It's beautiful here. You can hike to the top of the falls, to the bottom and to a giant man made naturally fed swimming pool that's used to water crops down below it. This place is absolutely beautiful. Find a few mangoes and platanos for dinner as you hike the steep trails. Take the more traveled trails. If it looks absurdly steep, don't take it. You can swim here.

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