St Lawrence Parks | Sanitation Dump Station



about 1 year ago
77.9 masl


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Dump station at the road side. Fresh water also available. The toilets and showers are open but require a special permit?!?! This place belongs to the Parks of the St. Lawerance campgrounds

Not open before May 21st, 2022


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Not opened on April 22nd, 2022.
As per StLaurence Parks it will open in May…

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great place to dunno and get fresh potable water (seemed good to my Mum, so we filled up). the bathrooms were all locked, a sign said there were all closed.

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The site is very nice and clean. Water and pump out.

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free dump station ! Stayed at the campgroung for the week

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Pull through access, no sign about private usage. Water does have a bad taste, but I'm sure it's fine to drink.

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This is a private dump station for the Parks of the St. Lawerance

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Indeed weird sign about permit or whatever, but saw it along the road in random places too. So we just used the showers. Nice and warm, bit difficult to keep it going, though.

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Nice place to stay for the night with hot shower, toilets and fresh water (potable but with bad taste).
some people came to empty their RVs but didn't stay.
very quiet at night

Nearby there are beaches to go swimming

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free dump and fresh water. great.

eau fraiche et vidange gratuite.

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Still in function! Water available too, and toilets as well.

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Dump station at the road side. Fresh water also available. The toiletts and showers are open but require a special permit?!?!

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