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just passport control, asking about gun, easy


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when we were stopped it was clear these were not real customs, immigration, nor police. they had no badge, no ID at all. they just had yellow tattered vests and one guy with a rifle (he might have been real) when we refused to give then anything until they showed us their ID there was some laughing by nearby children. it was odd they allowed children so close. I waved at the guy with the gun to allow us through he did not respond. After several minutes of discussion, I said I am going to leave they said no. and I drove through the nylon webbing barrier, broke it and kept on going.

I recommend you have full sets of completely fake documentation and give these idiots fake everything. (we only carry copies of real documentation and didn't want to hand those over)

At the border I reported this to immigration and they said that is a real checkpoint but indicated something was not right but they were not concerned about it.

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just passport control, asking about gun, easy

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