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Lots of potholes. You need 5 hours for 40 km !!

Update: with a 4x4 it took us 2 hours

Update 2: the bad road is getting shorter everyday so hurry up and enjoy it!!


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One of the best roads we did in Colombia. We drive a Land Rover defender and this road is why. A walk in the park for any 4x4 and the views are amazing. The start/end of this road had shortened since last check-in because they’re working in making the road “normal” so go and enjoy it before it’s too late.

We came from San Agustin and somewhere around this mark we were stopped in a military checkpoint. Felt a little weird and I almost didn’t stop when they flagged me down. They were nice but I’m not sure how legit they were. Been told by locals that whenever soldiers have rubber boots, don’t stop.. this guys had rubber boots but for some reason I still stopped.

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Road is still horrible. There is even a section before this (coming from San Agustin) that is bad as well. Be prepared to bounce around for a good hour or two.

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Indeed bad road, but with a 4x4 totally doable (and we’ve seen many 2WD). Average 20km/h so this stretch took us 2 hours. Not as bad as expected.

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Horrible road through the national park, not only unpaved, but also very uneven and lots of potholes, stones... Doable, but I wouldn't do it again, as it's umconfortable, time consuming and bad for the car. We went less than 10km/h average with our truck camper and it took us HOURS just for a few kilometers.

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Begin or end of 37 km dirt road with potholes or stones or both. The first 20 km from here are the "best" - we drove 12 km/h.
The worst are the last 10 km - we drove 5 km/h.
It was raining, but the road was not slippery.

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37 kilometres in 3 hours. Bumpy but doable. Lot of traffic.

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we did this road without issues. it's just a bunch of potholes (40 km), yes it takes time and patience but can be done by ANY vehicle, 2wd as well. some clearance is useful but also normal cars do it, trucks as well.

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Yep, this is a very bumpy road! 10kms per hour, but if you take it slow, is ok for any car (im a 6mts long motorhome)! Just takes patience!

The pavement ends in Paletara, and then you have unpaved-full-of-potholes but mostly flat road until this point, aprox. So its 38 kms of a very shitty road, but you can do it!

From what local people and police told us, this road is much better than the Pasto-Mocoa road in rainy season. And the views of the Paramo are pretty!!

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Lots of potholes. You need 5 hours for 40 km !!

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