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4 months ago
55.6 masl


Natural Source
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Wildcamping in front of the laguna at the end of the village after a very little road not very clean but great ! We saw a jabiru ! Ok for big rigs


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El portón está abierto. Espacio con sombra y viento junto a una laguna baja con muchas aves y plantas acuáticas. Hay mesas, sillas y lugar muy tranquilo para las mascotas. En la semana no hay donde comer tan cerca, así que mejor si traes tu comida. la señal de internet móvil llega bien. lo recomendamos

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ahora tiene portón cerrado. ya no es posible pasar

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Route fermée. Accés uniquement avec autorisation. Se renseigner à la maison au début du chemin
50 pesos/ camper.

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Stayed here for lunch several flat spots, some locals come by.

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I arrived here just before sunset to stay, seemed beautiful! A local family was there drinking and laughing. Said that as it was a Sunday, lots of people would be there late into the night drinking, smoking etc. Said I’d be safer to come with them up to their pueblito. Ended up having an awesome night of partying with them by their house 15km north,and in the daytime they showed me all around their local area - deeep in the jungle! Had a great time.

So point is, it’s probably fine to stay, and is a really beautiful spot, but beware of inebriated people if you’re there on a weekend.

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A nice place to stay over night. We stayed one night. No problems. In the morning some locals came with a car but they didn't say anything to us. The place is pretty dirty and the water doesn't really look like you wanna swim in it. But anyhow, a nice spot for a night!

Guter Ort für eine Nacht. Am Morgen kamen ein paar Locals vorbei, die irgendwas aus der Lagune geholt haben und dann wieder gefahren sind. Zu uns haben sie nichts gesagt. Leider ziemlich dreckig hier und das Wasser in der Lagune lädt auch nicht gerade zum Schwimmen ein. Aber wie gesagt, für eine Nacht total super!

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Nice quiet place - narrow turns for the big rig but worked with my 30 feet - also can turn back at the laguna - some locals came down to the laguna during the night but no disturbance - safe to stay for the night - locals friendly and helpful

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Bivouac face à la lagune tout au bout du village après un petit chemin de terre pas très propre mais superbe. On a même vu un jabiru! Ok pour les camions
Wildcamping in front of the laguna at the end of the village after a very little road not very clean but great ! We saw a jabiru ! Ok for the big rigs

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