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Filled German gas bottles with an American adapter. - they can fill fixed tanks as well. Price 300 kg


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Arriving around 4:30 and they guys were very kind. Filled three, removable, USA tanks. (We do NOT have an adapter) Had to wait a bit, but it was great to leave with full tanks. See photo for current prices.

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Our tank was empty from shipping but we successfully got it refilled here no problem. A USA style fixed tank in our truck. We had to come at 4 pm when the delivery trucks were back because they filled it from the delivery truck. Everyone was very friendly. $7000AR for 36 liters.

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Le seul endroit depuis salta ou on peut sans probleme faire le plein du reservoir fixe de gpl avec le camion de gpl. Gens tres sympas 13 litres pour 2400 pesos avec adapteur pour camion de gaz !! Aucune possibilité dans la région entière de Córdoba car interdit par la loi

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after being turned down at many, many gas plants who didn't want to fill our fixed tank we arrived here and they filled our tank within minutes.
very friendly and helpful start.
you need to be at the gate at 7am!!!

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Filled our two South African bottles quickly and with no issues. I had some adapters which I gave over but don’t think they used them.

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We have been here in the morning and they filled the fixed tank with ACME adapter without any problems.

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A friendly guy filled two US-style tanks for us. We provided an adaptor. 500 pesos for 10 kg. 10 min wait. Vehicle of any height can park outside the station. We're not sure what would happen if you needed a fixed tank to be filled.

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Still provide the service if you can provide the adapter. We paid ARS 1200 for a 11 kg German bottle (the guy said it was 10 kg). Very friendly and fast (less than 10 minutes).
Access for vehicles higher than 2.8 meters via dirt road „Avenida Doctor Jose Antonio Smith“ close to roundabout of RN8 and RP41.

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Was able to full our fixed US tank from one of their delivery trucks. we did not need an adapter. super friendly

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Filled two 11 kg and one 5.6 kg bottle
Price for 27.6 kg Propane Gas Peso 1200,--
Super Gelegenheit deutsche Flaschen zu füllen.
Gas Areco macht das oft. Hatten Adapter zum Befüllen deutscher Flaschen von Seabridge Düsseldorf dabei. Keine halbe Stunde Dauer.

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Filled German gas bottles with an American adapter.
Price 11 kg

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