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5 months ago
23.4 masl


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Very good laundry, friendly staff, efficient and fast.
We got our laundry that smelled like softener.
"siesta pausa" from 12am to 3pm


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Very nice man, 8000pesos for a big bag (2 peoples clothes).
It's close between noon and 3pm
We went at 3pm and it was ready the next morning (dried and folded, nice perfume not too strong)

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very friendly, next day, 4000pesos for a huge bag of clothes.

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Good service. Did about 3-4kg and paid 3800 ars. It took a day.

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Dropped off at 3:30 to friendly guy. Told pick up next day at 5 but then when we went there he said next morning. Told him we were trying to leave town and he said 7:30. Charged 500 pesos for a big bag, washed and dried.

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Really nice guy, could pick up our washing the next day. 600$ for about 2.5 loads.

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très bonne laverie, personnel sympathique, efficace et rapide.
Nous avons récupéré notre linge qui sentait bon l'assouplissant.

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nice guy called Ezequel ! very professional
we put 2 big bags of clothes and it was really cleaned after 24h.
price : 400 ars for the 2 bags
to recommend

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