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MODERATOR NOTE: removed because location is no longer here.


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It‘s closed!! You have to use the other one!

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Worth visit, now it's 10.000pp, it's expensive, but everything here is, but the trails , toilets everything was in good shape and with nice views.

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Segundo nos informaram na portaria, não é mais permitido entrar com motorhome no parque. Conversamos na portaria e eles permitiram que a gente entrasse, mas com um horário limitado, sendo obrigatório estarmos fora do local até as 13h00.

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It's possible to drive to the Magic Bus. There were a lot of other cars also tour buses who took this route.

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Someone broke the gate so you can enter. We turned back at the Magic bus because we didn't know if the other gate are opened.

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Closed by chains! As described, not best road too, but the passage is now Closed.

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This is not 'the' tourist attraction but the coordinates to the road that leads you to it. Maps.me has this road marked (Google Maps doesn't). About 10 kms from San Pedro -going towards Calama- there is a dirt road (Cruce B-55) on the left (if coming from Calama to San Pedro it's on the right); it runs to the South-West.
Some 7 kms down this road (at the coordinates informed here) there is a path to the left that first takes you through a couple of electric transformers and a radio antenna, and then what seems to be an abandoned barrier that remains open. Once you pass the barrier you'll find different paths in several directions. There are many possible sites for camping and sightseeing.
We spend a day/night here and saw no one. Warm day and not too cold night on September; beautiful sunset and night; absolute silence and strange 'lunar', salty landscape.
After passing the barrier, try to find the odd 'magic bus' abandoned somewhere near the main path.
Éste no es 'el' punto turístico en cuestión sino las coordenadas para encontrarlo. Maps.me tiene este camino marcado (Google Maps no). A unos 10 kms de San Pedro -yendo hacia Calama- hay un camino de tierra (Cruce B-55) a la izquierda (yendo de Calama a San Pedro es a la derecha); corre en dirección suroeste.
A unos 7 kms por este camino (en las coordenadas indicadas) hay una huella a la izquierda que primero pasa por unos transformadores eléctricos y una antena de radio, y después por lo que parece ser una barrera abandonada que permanece abierta. Una vez que la pasas hay varios caminos en diferentes direcciones. Hay muchos sitios para acampar y recorrer.
Pasamos aquí un día y una noche y no vimos a nadie más. Día cálido y noche no muy fría en septiembre; hermosos atardecer y noche; silencio absoluto y curioso paisaje 'lunar' y de sal.
Luego de pasar la barrera trata de encontrar el 'bus mágico' abandonado en algún punto cerca de la huella principal.

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