sewage of Kamloops | Sanitation Dump Station



about 2 months ago
345.4 masl


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Commercial or recreational. Free. open 24hr. Potable water from april to october on the south side of the lot.
By the river. Perfect for getting rid of extra smelly weight


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Great sani-dump site and fresh water. Well designed and free.

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free dumping and free portable water. Great!

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Free dump! Large area for all types of rugs. Free potable water too.

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Sani dump available but no water as of end Oct. Presumably closed for season.

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Same as mentioned in the other comments. Can easily dump the grey water as well.

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Good and easy dump station. Open 24h. Convinient and spaceaous. Drinking water also available, but only from April to Oktober

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there is also a potable water spigot at the far side of the lot .

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Great convenient place (open 24hrs) to fill or dump. Although it says it's "non potable water" according to my PPM meter, it's pretty clear, only 48ppm

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commercial or recreational. free. non-potable water. by the river. perfect for getting rid of extra smelly weight

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