Grey Rock Dump Station | Sanitation Dump Station



10 months ago
171.8 masl


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dumping back of the Shell Station, also has propane and water. Non drinkable water.
dumping en arrière du Shell avec le truck stop propane disponible et eau. Eau non potable


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Station vidange propre avec tuyau d’eau pour nettoyer mais eau non potable


Dump station with water hose to clean but non-potable water

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perfect for everything, rv got the diesel price for trucks!!Also Propane for Tanks, unfortunatly no dumping/water in November

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Free dump station near the propane tank, really clean

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Free dumping at the truck stop station just by the Shell. No drinkable water

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Dump station with water. Located at the exit of the Shell truck fueling area.

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Non drinkable water, but ok! Clean place to dump water.

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dumping en arrière du Shell avec le truck stop propane disponible et eau

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