Ishasha NP Campsite Two | Established Campground



3 months ago
938.7 masl


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Camp with no facilities, but plenty of peace and quiet (except for the wildlife!).


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Beautiful spot! But.. a little awkward.
We parked next to the shelter in front of the river. When the 3! Guards arrived they stayed back, but then it began to rain, they sat in the shelter, which was next to our car, tent and table. They stayed there al night and all morning (untill we left). So they were watching us get changed, have breakfast and break camp… very awkward. Nice guys, but just watching from 1 meter away feels weird.
Campsite one is bigger, so maybe that’s less weird 🙈.
But a beautiful spot!

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As per comments below. The shelter is now finished. You need to be 100% self sufficient. It is big rig friendly. Two guards arrived at 7pm and camped alongside us, they chatted into the night and broke camp very early in the morning and continued to chat, listen to music on their phones. This didn't upset us, but it might bother others. It was great to while a few days watching the hippos.

This camp is fantastic for hippos.

We stayed three nights. The guards camped further away on second and third nights; do complete silence, bar the hippos!

You can arrange game drives from here:
Brian +256 785 355530
Seek +256 775 664966

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large shady campsite with great view on the river and hippo pods. no water. 5USpp. nice little shelter. we came for picnic, a ranger arrived and discretely patrolled around the time we stayed.

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All as stated below. Very secluded campsite all to yourself which you can either book at the gate or arrange at the ranger post close to the airport in the park. Here you can also arrange a ranger to guard the place for the night. You have to be self sufficient to stay here as there are no facilities at all except for a open shelter.

Both campsites have view over the river which seperates the border with Congo.

Price for camping is 20000 pppn.

We didn’t camp here as it was too close to Congo and with the ebola outbrake and rebels close by we didn’t feel safe.

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Just a grassy clearing among the trees, with a picnic bench and unfinished shelter (no roof!) on the river bank. This campsite has no facilities, so you need to be entirely self-sufficient. You can fill a container with water from Campsite One, or drive there to use the ablutions if need be. There is a path and it’s a 5-10min walk through the bush, but it wouldn’t be safe to do at night. Very peaceful with great views of lots of hippos. We also had black & white colobus, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, genets and bushbabies come through camp! No armed guards here any more.

UGX 20,000pppn + park fees ($40pp for 24hrs & $50 per foreign vehicle for the duration of your stay).

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We were the only campers in a lovely site with two guards with AK47’s to guard us all night! Previously a year or two ago they have appaerntly had trouble with nasties coming across the river from the DRC it would seem- as well as lions and other dangerous animals about? Josef the “askari” guard even insisted on coming along with his AK47 when I had a shower to keep watch outside and be sure I dried my toes! Good guys actually, one had been a ranger since the 1980’s, but we had to feed them and they talked (quietly) at the fire next to us all night. Their murmuring voices mingled with the sound of hyenas and hippos blundering around and lions roaring in the distance to cause a fairly fitful night.

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