YPFB | Fuel Station



about 1 month ago
3446.6 masl


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Asked for 6, but was easy to get @5 BOB.


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Managed to get gasoline for 6 BS without factura :)

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We were able to fill up on gas at 6 bob per liter by paying in cash but impossible to fill up our propane fixe tank us (not the same fitting)

Nous avons pu faire le plein d’essence à 6 bob par litre en payant en cash

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They have Diesel next to the Gas on the right hand side. They wanted 9.40 bob but we got it for 7 bob.

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They don’t sell diesel. Only petrol and GNV.

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Filled up 60l gasoline. They asked for 9 BOB, ended up with 7 BOB paying cash. no issues at all.

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We couldn't get any gas at this station. we tried to negotiate but it was a hard no.

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She said 7bob.
I said 6bob.
She said how much?
I said fill the tank please!

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Asked for 6, but was easy to get @5 BOB.

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